LOOKing For A Corp? Join US>>?

( Children of Matar )
Welcome to TGIGTS. We are a small corp looking for anyone with an interest in small scale pvp, Industry, ratting, and exploration with an aim towards heading to null sec. Don’t have skills? Don’t have ISK? Are you a returning player? No problem, we will help get you setup and an integral part of the corp.

We are a low pressure group looking to create a foothold in null sec and are more than willing to help new players get a handle on EVE.

Looking for: Small Gang PvP, Trade, Mining, Industry, Research, New-Pilot Friendly

Minimum Skill Points Required: None

Language: English

Area of Operations:

Low - Null sec (High Sec Ok)

Friendly Fire:


Coming soon:

Corp SRP
Corp Freight from High Sec
Corp buy back program

-For further information join TGITG Public channel or Join are Discord Channel found in are website

bumppp, join us we have cookies!!

bumps bebooo bumps, come fly with us in lowsec! srp now live

bumps< guys if you wanna join a corp come to us… we will help you with everything…

hey guys, we are still looking for members! if yall wanna join hit us up! C:

Hey guys, we are still looking for members. We just did a newbro mining fleet. This weekend we are doing small scale pvp. Hit us up. Love y’all and fly safe!

hey guys, we hope to see you soon! got a pvp ops coming up sunday.

Newbro! wWelcome! join us! offering srp! API checker! Join TGIGT Public

Yo guys, TGIGT is still looking for NewBros! WE Yertle the Turtles, PewPew!

cap joinnn us!!! Guys come on down! https://discord.gg/3fwEwxf <------ click this link to get it going!

yo, yo, Guys!@!@ TGIGT WE got spots! lets fill them spaceships! Come fLY WiTH Us!! Join TGIGT Public channel in GAME!@! C;

We are now doing FW changed corp name too. ( Children of Matar ) apply in game are hit us up on discord!

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