Omega Noob Miner LFC

I perfer to do Mining and PvE though I don’t currrently have a PvE ship built or fitted I am looking for a corp that can guide me and teach me the ropes. please send me mail in game.


We are also new and have set up a corp, we can help as much as we can, we have setup several ships and are just trying to build up assets but we have grasped the basics of the game and could help. The corp is called Goldstar Institute just search it in the corporation menu.

I’ve tried to look you up, but you don’t show up

Oh thats odd when you are next in game I can send you an invite if thats easier is a link to our corporate discord. I think you would be a very good fit for us and us for you. We are a Null sec corporation in Mordus Angels alliance based in Fade and Pure Blind region.

Stop by and let us get to know you and tell you about our opportunities.

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