New player looking for a corp to join


I’m a new Alpha player and considering going Omega soon. Been doing the tutorial mainly to start and like what I’m seeing. I played Eve Online before and have been clean of it for a few years. Recently I’ve been thinking of returning to Eve Online, so decided to start a brand new character because so much has changed.

What I’m looking for:

Mature and well established Corp that is active in US EST.
Mutually respectfully members.
The use of Discord, or maybe Mumble for comm’s.
A laid back and friendly place to chat with other self sufficient members.
More PVE, Industry focused than PVP. Some PVP is fine but not my primary thing.
Understanding that RL come first.

What I’m not interested in:

Scammers, Pirates or HS Gankers.
A Corp just full of Alts with no one in my TZ.
Initiation fees or monthly dues (Rent/Goons/Scammers).
Multiple voice comm’s that are expected to be monitored at all times (Pick one).
Requirement of some uber invasive account review like SEAT for example. (No you can’t have access to all my assets, wallet and evemail).

We’re primarily on between 20:00 and 2:00 eve time (Friday and Saturday are the most active). We do specifically Mining and Industry and have about 20 mains in the corp. Most of us have lots of Pve event ship training and skills if you want to learn anything. Otherwise, we usually mine with orca and compression in high sec.

Corp is IGMAT Mining and Transport. I’m the Mining Director (Wistro), so you can reach out to me about anything, otherwise, ask the CEO. Hope you have fun, mate.

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