Alpha Friendly Corp! Mining, Industry & Trade

As a retired Omega I’m opening up my sole trader corp for recruitment to budding Alpha Industrialists. This is a genuine opportunity for Alphas to maximise their mining, industry & trade gameplay. If you plan to upgrade to Omega or have recently upgraded then that’s fine.

Based in Heimatar space around Rens/Abudban. No skillpoint requirement. EU-TZ. Low tax rate.

You are not expected to contribute time, isk or ore. You can do any activity, it’s your game after all, but industry should be one of your primary interests.

We have good deals for access to Factories, Reprocessing, Reactor & Moon Mining.

PM or evemail me in-game if you are interested.


Awesome corp to grow as a capsuleer with group of chill friendly people, I already learned a lot over the short time in this corp. :+1:

Returning after a 3 year hiatus, relearning to play the game, staying alpha til i get it down again. Would I be able to join even though I have toons that are built up just can’t use the Omega skills.

Real helpful for beginners, chill ppl to chat with.

Apologies, I assumed players would contact me in-game.

Yeah I’m happy with that. 2 of my guys have gone omega since joining.

Bumpy bump

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