Praise Aiko Danuja, Hound of Halaima, Mistress Mercenary



I usually don’t use forum, however it attracted my attention to clarify things out.

  1. I mailed you, never talked about surrender. Some members was curious too, told me maybe you want a talk, about what happend between you and us, cause I never heard about your name before. Sadly you dont want to answer and said go away. I didn’t even ask for peace, so you can stop lying.

  2. Hsec is just a part of our regions, using it more like an university. We have sov and lowsecs, I would say Oipo is just 1/6 of our territories, even less. You can go look at map and look Tenerifis. We have been expanding everyday, in null we got 3 constellations of sov. In Hsec we expand fast too. And I dont think you are able to stop us, maybe your moves can slowdown abit of our Hsec growth, thats all. Prove me that I am wrong.

So if you want, Mrs Desnity, feel free to deploy a fortizar near Jita, and link me the station, I will be gladly to have a visit with my members. Ganking is a part of the game, like the war I invite Mrs Destiny Corrupted to do, is a part of the fun contents. However lying about something I never said, is less fun, do you agree Mrs Destiny?

For Safety. and Aiko, I think they generated alot contents, especially there are fewer and fewer contents in Eve these days. However my members can say out things in their mind, it’s a part of the expression freedom.

Hope see you and your army soon to conquer our sov or Hsec stations. Mrs Destiny, please accelerate your projects, Tenerifis and our lowsecs are also waiting your liberation.


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Oh wow, I can see that they’ve attended Professor Dracvlad’s Bragging 101 class.



How would you manage to do that?

Just deploy it.
Also use your intel to investigate how we do hsec wars.

So let me see if I understand this correctly: you, the leader of a war-ineligible high-sec carebear puppy mill alliance, are asking me, a solo player in a tiny corporation, to launch a Fortizar, which is a 10-billion-ISK station, so that you can get all of null-sec friends and rental landlords to dog-pile and blob it to death? Is that more or less the gist of things?

You do realize that I’m war-eligible already, right?


I thought this would just die on it’s own and i wouldn’t have to do this but you want to keep spamming it ok

Listen I am giving you exactly ONE warning to take this trash down and apologize or at least keep your loud mouth shut or your going to have problems like youve never had before kid. youare going to spend the rest of your time docked or flying shuttles and will regret ever trying this game

you don’t know who or what your messing with at this point like here or in the other threats you post and you will regret you ever did You just attack insult and grief good people & think you can get away with this? you won’t. almost every person in the game is getting ready to come together and milk your fat tearducts because your mouth keeps flapping

Your given this one chance to shut it or experience consequence’s you didnt think are possible

ROF, LMAO. Internet tough guy in the room!


seriously poeple have had enough of your bs and there is not going to silently put up with it anymore, you are the biggest toxic loudmouth in the game & on the forums & everything bad happens because of you and your ganking pet alt. you think there will never be reprecussions? but there are, you should see a psych or sit in a jail cell instead of playing games and trying to ruin funfor others with your grief

this is the ONLY warning your going to get so good luck if you keep acting like this

dont bother replying i am not reading this just telling youve been waned & enjoy the pain & merc’s thats coming for you and anyone who helps you to

This is a video game. You know that… right?


I am also CEO of several wardec corps lol. So one of my alliance is war eligible, we just put all stations to a war eligible alliance called ‘Absolute Will’, you can wardec it if you are really strong as you said about liberate us.

And the nullsec is mine, if you go look at map or dotlan about ‘Absolute Will’
All alliances CEO are my alts. I just need call back my null guys, not other alliance friends. And launch a war. If you really investigate you will see all corps CEO and shareholders are me.

Please let me know when you want to deploy a station near Jita, Mrs Destiny, it would be a necessery move to liberate caldari hsec. And I am eager to see you and your mercs in a huge fight battlefield.


In other words: “We cannot beat you in a battle of wits, so please set up a target that we can hit.”


Hello friend,

I understand your concern, and promise to diligently work toward ameliorating this offensive material and fixing my delinquency and undesirable belligerence within the game and on these forums, but I must ask for clarification on one particular point that I feel desperately requires it for comprehension by my tiny, squirrel-like griefer’s brain:

Isn’t this in fact two warnings? :thinking:


I am just following his logic xd

Destruction of AO is possible yes. And it is not very hard. You need just

  1. Kill our hsec capital and nullsec capital
  2. Evict us from Sov, and lowsecs, so we lose all ISK generations.

Lets start by step one :'D

Are you and One Warning together? I am having trouble following all the posturing.

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So first of all, why would I bother declaring war on you if I’ve already paid the best mercenaries in the game to cause tens of billions of ISK in damage to your alliance, a task that they’re carrying out splendidly? My goals are already being met. Why would I put up a station for you to destroy for free when I’m already killing your members en masse? What would that get me?

Second, why would I declare war on you if you’re the one who has an issue with what’s going on? Do it yourself. I’m already war-eligible. Sounds like you just want a free station kill instead of actually going after me specifically. Sad!

You seem to be under the misunderstanding that I care about your little null-sec rental farming ops; I’m not. I only care about destroying useless trash pseudo-NPC tax-farming pyramid scheme high-sec carebear alliances like Absolute Garbage.


Rent free in your head I believe…

Wrong alt.

yeah keep yapping griefer trash see what happens

Are these the people that make it impossible for you to put up a structure as a war HQ. And there was I thinking that this was yet another ganking love fest.

It looks like you have upset the wrong people Destiny, hilarious…

Nope. But I’m definitely adding them to the list!

Also, I think we’re up to three warnings. I’m really in trouble now.