CCP: Your players are hungry for lore

Wow, I forgot I ever made this post.

CCP, I just want to take a moment to say I like how you’ve kept things up with The Scope, and I loved Max Singularity’s presentation on “enhanced physics” at FanFest. Thank you for allowing the players to help write the story!

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As @Elsebeth_Rhiannon mentioned, NEC is currently on a recruitment hold. We will revise this position periodically and re-open it if the situation changes.

I’ve looked at the official CONCORD archives in Yulai, but I see no mention of a “James 315” as an elected ruler of any of the empires or minor factions. Perhaps you should look into that.


Why would you look in the CONCORD archives? That’s like looking for evidence of the United States, by browsing some dusty scroll from Ptolemaic Egypt.

Ever since the bots took over in Yulai, CONCORD has done nothing but generate endless manifestos, filled with poorly constructed sentences and errant strings composed of 1s and 0s. There’s nobody in charge over there! It’s a scam! CONCORD is nothing more than an illegal bot farm! Have you ever observed their bot ships, wiggling back and forth, stuck on gates and stations and wobbling in endless confusion?

This is the whole reason that the PEOPLE of high sec decided to overthrow the ancient autocracy of the bots, and recognize the need for a humancentric form of government. No longer should high sec be ruled by bots and absentee NPCs, but rather it should be a government created by the gankers and for the miners.

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