My opinion on EVE gameplay future aka my own brain fart

Once I was a EVE noob and ONCE I was a naive theme park player. Now I’m just a noob.

I regret not paying EVE for the time I was working hard to win in life, and yeah PAYING, NOT PLAYING!

Everytime I come back the game looks worse, not in the technical department, it looks like CCP decided to work on their game ffs, but it looks like the only sandbox that succeed for 20 years is going down.

Just like a cancer, you cannot see it in the beginning, the symptoms are mild, but it only grows and grows…

It’s not secret how much I hate trigayvians, to me is a poor attempt to do what players are supposed to do. And here I’m glad now I totally understand why CODE and other stuff are important to EVE, back in the day I did not. But let me diverge, you know, 'cuz this is my post and I go wherever I want.

Once I liked WoW, but the more expanses they shoot out the less I wanted to play, until they panda nailed the coffin, I believed in the WoD stuff but it was all smoke and mirrors. Why it happened? Why the game became the large mass of crap it is today? Well we can always come here and blame is because the genre is a theme park, I disagree, a lot of sandboxes failed even harder.

We should go back in time to old school. UO and stuff, player made ■■■■ bro. We cannot control who’s gonna play, how they gonna play or why they play, and to be honest it should not matter AT ALL! What matters is, mechanics are fair and rules are in place, you either in or you out.

Now, back to EVE. CCP sat on their arses for a loooong time, no need to revisit that. And during that time, bots and all kind of crap pervaded EVE and some people amassed a HUGE amount of ISK. Well CCP decided to put things in order and ISK sink is needed. Okay I can live with that.

But CCP is the party interested in your credit card, I don’t mind your credit card at all, when I blow your ■■■■ (occasionally, I’m snugly af) I don’t relate to how much $$$ you lost, I relate to how much ISK. So, I don’t care how you make ISK really, just don’t bot ok?

If CCP solves its own problem with super AIs that shoot your stuff and pod kill you, it really does not make anything good to the game AT ALL, other than a short sight vision of isk sink (which does not acomplish nothing) and make poor players poorer. EVE Gods are not going to be affected by this stupid ISK sink, on the contrary some of them worked to make them more richer (cough cough hypernet).

Now what’s the point? Point is now really hard to grasp, HIGH SEC is carebear space, and actually is the only motive EVE succeeded where other sandboxes failed. No matter how much NULL SEC is better in EVERY DAMN WAY, in the end of the day lots of people just want to chill and engage in their own pace.

HIGH SEC is worse in every way compared to NULL, but it does not matter, you cannot force people to play your way. And that’s the little cancer creeping in EVE, this ■■■■ AI forcing people to play they new idea CCP has to high sec, when high sec collapses, everything will collapse. Because, soon Low Sec will collapse and people will get tired of null and WH.

I mean triglavians were a small nuisance, but look at the internet how much people started trying to get their 0,01 stand with Trigs. THAT CONTENT IS GARBAGE! It’s a forced spoon feed most players do not want. Why? Because contrary to a erroneous thinking HIGH SEC is not SAFE SPACE, it’s a space where douchbagery is punished, nobody is holding your hand, but you gonna pay for it. Question is, who’s gonna punish triglavians? they are AI!!! W T F. That’s a HUGE DESIGN MISTAKE.

Everybody knows WH ppl prints ISK, and you don’t see people leaving to go WH. You gotta understand ecosystems have their own balance. Don’t put AI to do players job, you gonna regret it sooner than later.

The positive reinforcement at login, well it’s light no harm there.

This post is just a warning about dangerous design decisions, don’t be tempted to recur to supper AI to fix players behavior. Let’s recap, insta lock, omni damage, super speed and hit like a truck. YEAH NOICE!

That’s it, my brain fart about EVE, lots of good stuff, but this triglavians WH is not convincing me, it smells like forced ISK sink. shame!



Then do what I did and stop paying?

I’m having a really hard time understanding whether your stance is for or against sociopathic griefing in EVE, and am therefore unable to tell which of my apparently many forum alts I should be using to make posts in support or opposition to it as part of my Palpatine-like secret forum war in which I’m playing both sides.


That’s not what an isk sink is, friend.

Pay to win and microtransactions are killing all games right now. Its only “fun” if you are a young teen or younger who for some reason has significant access to cash and don’t have to actually work for it.

Oh, I know, lots of talk about “loot boxes”. But that ain’t it. Its being nickled and dimed to death that’s the problem and that expression is old and the problem well known.

CCP is probably less guilty of this evil than most game operators…for the moment.

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TLDR: OP doesn’t like Trigs. Thinks Eve is dying.


NPCs Online. :psyccp:

CCP have their own bots to do things they wish players would do.


OK. ok

What a boring rant


Oh that’s what it’s all about.
Thanks for the translation. He writes like a ten-year-old.

They can catch cancer from it’s onset and prevent it from growing and I’m glad they can otherwise I couldn’t be here to correct you.

Yea, like from the moon to Pluto making a u-turn by the Asteroid belt!

They’re called “expansions”. Expanses are wide continuous areas of something, you know, like valleys.

It’s not.
You post is the only large mass of crap here.

Don’t look but now you’re disagreeing with yourself.

No, we move forward and pretend your post never happened.

You’re right, your post doesn’t matter. Not to me, not to CCP or Pearl Abyss.

Looks like you’re out… Out of your mind, rather.

What else would they sit on, their knees?

Did you think they made the game for our enjoyment ? They’re a business, DUH!

Aye-aye, sir o7

It was YOUR job to make us grasp your point. You failed.

EVE succeeds because it’s a unique game.
HiSec is not carebear space, it’s simply another part of space. You can get blown up in HiSec as well as Low/NullSec, I’d say more so than. NullSec is safer than HiSec.

If they want to do that they can play other space games.

There’s NO little cancer or big cancer, there’s just Cancer and it’s deadly if not caught early.
Quit talking about Cancer so freaking nonchalantly ! My mom died of cancer and I almost did too, thank you very much! THINK before you post nonsensical garbage.

You’re delirious. Uninstall EVE and go to the doctor.

No, your post is a mistake, to put it mildly.

Recur doesn’t belong in your sentence.
Recur means to occur again periodically or repeatedly.
The word you were looking for is Rely.
And you’re welcome.

Let’s not, for the love of God!

Thank God it’s over! It was surely a silent fart because it stank to high heaven!


Sorry to hear about your mum. :cry: My condolences.
My dad also died of cancer, I was 4yo. I never knew him.

And just so this post isn’t removed for relevancy:

EVE Online isn’t crap. It’s an AMAZING game and I’m happy to pay a measly 15€ per month to fly all those beautiful ships with their cool modules and interact with players who get involved to help new players and care about the game.
CCP gets paid and rightly so. I hope they keep getting paid and that the game goes on for another 20yrs and another…

You can avoid Traglivians entirely if you’re smart.

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You nailed it. :+1:t2:

@ Sonja
You know he‘s Right.:wink:
Playing the „Hardliner EvE Thug“ just makes you look stupid.

Aaaaww, so sad. I’m sorry to hear that. But both our parents are now in a better place, believe me.
I was 33 when my mom passed away and I had the chance and the means to take care of her for 10 months before she had to be put in a hospice where she passed on so it wasn’t that much of a blow to me. Sending you HUGS.
Be strong :sunny:

I’ve been playing for 4 months and been able to avoid them entirely. Never even seen one Trig ship.

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Why tho?

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That’s what I’d like to know.

Depends where you play and how often. Around Jita there is always some system with wormhole, but to catch a gatecamp with anchorings that scram you have to be “lucky”, if you grow too bold, you will lose something expensive eventually, if you are not prepared, or didnt fix your standings. But even then trigs sometimes will attack you, as they bug out and kill players who had good standings with them.

I play everyday.
Of course I stay away from those areas of the galaxy that CCP has targeted for termination and destruction.

To hell with Jita.

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