Character tool - Looking for testers

I have made a new web application and am looking for testers to try it out. (It is in alpha so the database may be purged between major features.)

The main priority of this tool is to allow you to register as a single character and then link additional characters to this one to keep track of your alts and be easily view-able on both desktop and mobile.

As always any feedback or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.

The tool can be found here

Screenshot of the application.

So it tracks Skill Queue Iskies, SP, and Sec status… What more are you planning to do with it?

The short term plan is clones, attributes the racial information. Then I plan to add in contracts, industry jobs and reactions. (These are going to be for notification only). Once that is in I want to make a blueprint research cost calculator as I never know if I am getting one for a good price.

That list should keep me busy for some time.

Just introduce features for people to track SP Farming, with notifications and quick tools to export for buy orders - stuff like that.

Then sit back and wait for the offers to buy the tracking intel.

Love the idea for notifications, might try and implement something like that later on.

Destroying trust after putting so many man hours into something like this is just not worth it.

Most people do not care or understand. Privacy is power. It pays. In all honesty, nobody ever complained about all those third party tools who did the same …

Myself dont use farms, but have 72 chars some time ago for other poject, when evemon problem i make my own tool ( currently 31 pilots ), i use it not for privacy, Sometimes you need something sont exist anymore.

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