EVE-Skillplan.net - Plan your training online! (v3.3.0 - Relaunched in August 2020!)

EVE-Skillplan.net - Plan your training for EVE Online using your favourite device - PC, tablet or smartphone!

My name is Legedric Striker (well at least in EVE that is) and I always wondered why noone built a web based Skillplanner for EVE Online yet.
As I am much better at building web applications than flying space ships I just started to develop .EVE-Skillplan.net as a new project from scratch on my own.

Of course some of you may want to say: “But why? There is EVEMon!” and that’s correct, EVEMon is a great software which I am still using, too.
But there are places where you cannot install or use EVEMon at all and most of the mobile apps out there lack at least some sort of features in general and there is just no solution to be used on any device, no matter where you are.

I wanted to built a tool that’s completely platform independent.
No matter if you want to plan your skill training on an Apple device, Unix machine or any other device being capable of displaying this website: You can do it!

In addition, you can switch back and forth between your devices and you will always have your personal skill plans at hand, no matter where you are. No need to backup or import/export your stuff for every switch you want to make from your PC to your tablet or smartphone.
And you may still use other tools if you want to! There is even an import and export functionality for example for EVEMon built into EVE-Skillplan.net- feel free to use it anytime.

All you’ve got to do is simply create a new account for free and start adding characters to the platform and go from there!

If you have any suggestions about this platform in general or features I should add, just send an EVE Mail to
Legedric Striker or post in this thread right here.


  • Free!
  • Responsive design - easy access from computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Export plans to your EVE in game skill queue
  • Simulate implants for your skill plans
  • Share your skill plans with friends and corp mates
  • Manage as many skill plans as you like for each character
  • Detailed ship overview by faction (out of game ISIS) - inlcuding mastery system
  • Get optional email notifications when your skill queue is about to run out

Complete Feature List

  • Manage any amount of characters
  • Lightweight ESI scopes - we only look at what we really need
  • Training overview for all characters
  • Information about current training, clone limits and trained skills for each character
  • Plan skills for any period of time
  • Drag and drop sortation feature in all skill plans
  • Import/Export EVEMon skill plans (XML)
  • Import required skills from fitting codes (like EFT)
  • Detailed skill browser to add skills including all prerequisites to a plan
  • Add remapping points and optimize remaps to your skill plan needs

Visit .EVE-Skillplan.net for more info, screenshots and to start your new training plan experience for our all time favourite spaceship game :wink:

Best regards,

Legedric Striker


I shall give it a whirl.

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Sounds great I’ll give it a go

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I’ve actually been using this for a few months now and it’s a great tool to have when you can’t be around EVE (like at work).

Appreciate the contribution to skill planning and for the very well laid out website!


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I’ve also been using it, it is my goto for skill planning and its sad but i already deleted evemon.

Request: I have alpha clones and from the web I cannot tell which skills or ships are bloqued. Please let us add something in the settings to specify its an Alpha and show what we can and cant do.

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I have to say, I like this tool!
I’ll be contributing a little isk when I remember… and am not at work…
One thing, if I could request, and it’s in line with the @Roy_Ohaya post above. Alpha clones not only have limited skills, but slower training times too. I’m seeing -88% progress, or EVE-Skillplan.net says 45 mins, but eve says 1hr 30 mins, etc.
The alpha clone limited skills would have to account for the character’s race, but I think a time multiplier would be an easier modification. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take both if offered!
I know this is a free tool, and it’s pretty new, but that would make it more relevant to those players who like free stuff :wink:
With or without that change, your tool is much appreciated!

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I have a few questions:

  • How can I move my characters If I am not happy with the order in which they are displayed?
  • How do I remove alts within the same account? Like If I want to view only my main?
  • Is there a way to see a total remaining training in days rather than a date?
  • Can we see SP/hour in the training queue as well? The option I see is currently only for skill plans, but not the actual queue.
  • Has anyone tested if there is a limit of characters after which the browser crashes? I am asking, because I have found such limits in EVEMon and EVE Launcher itself. :slight_smile:
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@Havoc NChaos and @Roy_Ohaya:
I will work on a mechanic to implement Alpha Clones at some point. Until now I still had the hope that CCP would implement something into their API to get this information directly from the database but well, I guess they will never do that.

By the way, EVE-Skillplan.net is nothing new it exists for more than 2 years now. I just reposted this thread to the new forums :slight_smile:


  1. You are not able to move your caharcters freely ro change the order.
  2. Select the character and go to “Settings” on your left side menu and select “Hide this character from lists”.
  3. No, not for the whole queue. For plans however you can see the total training time in days.
  4. No, not on the queue right now.
  5. The user with the most characters active currently has 259 characters listed through multiple APIs and the browser (Firefox) handles it just fine - so it should work for quite an amount
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Thanks for the replies and for the tool. I am actually happy with the character placement, it just took me a while to figure it out. :smiley:

Thanks for the great web app.
By the way is there any simple way to clone current skill queue into the plan? Or at least to calculate the total SP of the skills in queue?

Thanks for this great tool!

I have some issues with the remapping, I have my skill plan imported from the skill queue, and want set remap-points. The point is placed on the skill list, but I can’t move it over the right skills.

Is there a maybe a chance to get skill injector support? Would like so choose some skills and see how many injectors they would take (stupid JDC 5…)

o/ Erch

Sorry for the late reply but I am extremely busy IRL at the moment.

@Mikihiso Just create a plan, click on “Import” and select your preferences from the very first tab to import the skills from your current queue.

@Erch_Vinto You can select the visible columns for your skill plan when you click on the gears icon in the top left of your planned skills list. If the column “Remaining SP” is visible you can see the amount of needed injectors for each skill when you hover your mouse over the number (or tap it on a mobile device).


I have been using your app and I really like it. Easier to use than EVEMon (imo). I have a couple of issues though.

  1. I have never been able to drag and drop any items. I am using this on Chrome, if that matters.
  2. For some reason I can’t add Gallente Carrier skill to my skill queue. I already have it trained to 3 but I it won’t let me add 4 or 5. No errors received. I can add others skills though (all others that I have attempted anyway).
  3. Why can’t I import a plain text skill plan?

That’s all I have so far. Thank you for your effort on this! As I said, I really like it a lot.

Also, if there is a separate “support” area/forum/thread/subreddit, please let me know and I will post there instead. Thanks!

I can see my skillplan but I cannot export it, where do I go to export a plan that the site picks up from my eve client?


Scrap that, ive found it

First, this is so great, thank you! As the others have said it’s fun to work on a plan when the client and/or Evemon isn’t available. I think you’ll keep going and one day surpass Evemon, and I’ll be donating soon toward that goal :slight_smile:

Also echoing the comments above about trouble with reordering skills. I’m finding today with Chrome that the feature works, but only if the plan is freshly loaded. Drag and drop is working fine when the plan is in that state. The bug seems to be when new skills are added. The steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an existing plan
  2. Observe skills can be reordered (honoring prerequisites, neat!)
  3. Find a skill not already planned to V
  4. Click the blue plus and Plan to Level V
  5. Observe additional rows are added at the bottom of the table
    [feature request: add them right behind the previous planned level not at the bottom]
  6. BUG: observe reordering is broken
  7. Reopen the plan (click Skill Plans and select this plan)
  8. Observe skills can be reordered

I hope that helps. Do you have a Bugzilla or something?

Does remapping work properly? I’m not seeing what I expected. I have a plan with 48 skills and I carefully [manually] sorted them so the remap would have maximum effect. Before remapping the plan requires 34d 8h.

Added a remap point at the appropriate point. Edit Remap, optimize worked as designed, says a whopping 5d 16h faster than current settings. Click save.

Expected result is ~28d. Actual result is 33d 22h.

I would love this tool. Only thing I could see missing is Alpha Skill Templates. A list of all the skills and their books that each race can train as an alpha. Can’t think of anything else this tool is missing other than a tie into a loadout tool lik pyfa.

First of i started using this site after Evemon does not show the new skills training instead shows unknown skills. However this site does not see the new skills in training on my toons for the new moon ore refinining!

Is the site going to be updated with the new skills

Thanks for building this Legedric. I’m having trouble getting started. I’ve added the key and the verification code around 12hours ago but my character is not showing under the characters tab?
Your note says that “If you decide to provide an insufficient access mask, you will most likely encounter several issues using this platform.” My access mask = 0.
I can’t see any way to change it?


Varcolac Corvinus