Eveworks Enterprises is looking to HIRE more developers

Hey everyone, this isnt a recruitment post you see everyday, apologies in advanced ISDs if this isnt quite the correct forum section.

I am looking to hire more developers to work within the eveworks team. For context about who we are you can see our post on the services forums section of these forums, or check out our official website. https://evework.xyz/.

For context, we are a company (not an eve corporation), that has been running for 2+ years as the leading group in eve that specialize in software and spreadsheeting expertise and application. We hold a really high internal and external standard.

For those wondering about player accounts. Affiliation is not an issue, no you dont need to leave your corp to participate. We do require commitment to jobs of course. What you need is:

  • A discord Account
  • A can do attitude

Additionally bring forward anything to do with either of the following points (bonus points for both):

  • Software development and maintinence experience
  • Spreadsheet development maintinence experience

Our specific requirements are not strict, as I am open to recruiting any form of talent that fits within our skill application.

As apart of this service you get paid an isk amount you dictate as a commission on jobs you take, so you get full dictatorship in regards to choosing what your time is worth. We also only serve eve related solutions, as to not break EULA/TOS.

If any of this interests you, or you have more questions, hit me up on discord @ alagger


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