Welcome to EVE Online 3rd party development!

We’re glad that you’ve decided to develop for EVE Online, and are excited to welcome you into our third party dev community. You might have a bunch of questions, and some of them you might even be embarrassed to ask… well don’t be! We have a great group of super friendly and helpful developers already working on various EVE Online applications and libraries in all sorts of languages.

For a quicker, perhaps more interactive experience though, we encourage you to join us on tweetfleet slack, in the #esi channel. If you’re not on tweetfleet slack yet, you can use this link get an invite: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/tweetfleet-slack-invites/

Several EVE devs are hanging out in the #esi channel, along with most everyone else who makes applications for EVE Online with ESI. We look forward to greeting you there :slight_smile:


Find many third party tools here: https://github.com/devfleet/awesome-eve
Or add yours!

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