Is there a game-wide market search tool that provides jump count from current location?

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I’m curious if anyone knows of a 3rd party market search tool that allows one to search for sell/buy offers across the entire game (like eve-marketdata) but also show the number of jumps from one’s current location.

The in-game tool has a jump count but limits me to just the current region (a deal could be one jump away if i’m on the edge of my current region). Eve-marketdata is great for showing me where the best deal is across the universe, but until i get better at Eve regional geography I have to search the map for each offer eve-marketdata returns to determine if it’s in a system relatively close (like 10 jumps).

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Perhaps this will be of use?

Otherwise i’m not sure either.

Got any other questions feel free to join my discord below.

Otherwise, have a good one and best of luck o7

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Him that is an interesting idea actually, our new API would allow for someone to make a tool like that, but I don’t know if anyone has or not.

(Tipa Riot) #4 Is a replica of the ingame market tools but New Eden wide … not sure about the jump feature, I don’t use the login option.

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