Jumping to Markets

From how many jumps away can I see market orders?
What improves that range?

Personally I use these two third-party market browsers https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk and https://evemarketer.com but others exist too.

Edit: Btw to answer your question: You see the regional market in-game which only shows the market orders in the current region you are in but not any outside of it.

So it is not jump range based thus you can be on the edge of a region and see its market orders then jump through a regional gate to a new region and see the neighbor region’s market orders. You can also use jump clones to jump to different regions or use alts to do the same.

Though the simplest is to use a third-party market browser, at least for a casual glance it should be good enough (I use them occasionally and they seem pretty accurate for such uses) though not sure how quickly they are updated if you are into trading as a profession.

Edit: Oh and in case you actually want to interact with the market orders (instead of just seeing them) then yes you have to travel to the related region, jump clone there or switch to an alt in the region.

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@Uriel_the_Flame By regions, ok. Thanks for the links.

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