EVE Market API is missing huge amounts of market orders

I am in the process of making an EVE resource website.
(super cool, more on this at a later date)

I noticed some of my 2-3 week old market sell orders were missing from

At first I suspected the website operators made a mistake, so I wrote my own marketdata server.
It grabs the list of regions, then gets all sell orders per region.
This many things were active in the data:
regions: 35
systems: 1643
orders: 937310

The following active, public, 2-3 week old sell order has not been present for over 2 weeks:
5464957606,21951,97097252,roxxkatt,10000016,Lonetrek,1029214998768,Kappas - Omega Base,32767,False,63999970.0,5,5.0,2019-07-15 02:04:12.000,0,1,74639598,90,False,30021392,Kappas,0.0,

Additionally, this order ID is not present in the results.

What would cause this particular order to not appear in market API results?
Has CCP made a mistake somewhere?

also: didn’t see a way to add tags, if that is user submitted content it isnt good UI/UX

That order is in a citadel. Pretty sure that particular website is only going to show station orders.

IIRC, player-structure orders have to be pulled on a per-structure basis, and require auth.


that seems like quite a large error for public market orders

Many market websites don’t contain structures, because you have to handle them separately from other market orders. It’s a side effect of limiting the market api, to avoid information leakage. (If you don’t have market rights at a station, you can’t see the data. )

As such, the API requires you to request each individual structure’s market data in a separate authenticated request. (Unless it’s a ranged buy order. Those show up.)

In addition to this (but not directly relevant in this case), a structure only shows up on the public structure list through the api, if no-one has dock rights denied. That structure isn’t set up that way.

I’ve updated my automation, so it should pull in structures which are public (Anyone can dock. A single deny blocks that) and/or have ranged buy orders, with my market pulling alt (in an npc corp) has market rights in. Been meaning to get that updated for a while.



(only 1 entry, as it only just started getting that)

  1. what are you using to authenticate your server market aggregator without a user token?
  2. if noone has dock rights denied, it is a public structure, which has a public market, and should appear in public market results. end of story.
  3. any chance you could start working on a background that is anything other than eye searing white? =P

I’m using a token :slight_smile:

Once you have a refresh token, you can use that to create an access token at will, without user intervention.

When you have an oauth login into eve’s SSO, without using the implicit path, and requesting at least one scope, you get a refresh token. This is how, for example, zkill works. People delegate the right to get kill data to zkill.

(I did my login using postman, rather than writing up an app for it. https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/2017/03/14/using-esi-google-sheets/ has the process)

is refresh token valid across downtimes?


Valid until revoked.

i guess then i will also use the same hack that apparently all website operators must use to address the shortcomings in the eve market api

i simplified my stuff a ton by discarding all the logic to only pull things needed
now it will just always pull everything and then will later cross reference locally

found the well hidden spot to tag threads.
forum “market” tag is missing, and ability to create tags not on the list is missing.
would add “market” tag if it existed and maximum was 5 tags instead of 3.

on firefox: cursor and selections are missing from text input, which is mildly annoying.
also fun: bold font is missing the lowercase i

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