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Dear all, is a 3rd party website that offers lots of different graphs and stats for different aspects of the EVE Online market and industry like:

There is a maintained change log
Website itself:
Old forum thread: Here

Please feel free to use this thread to provide feedback or post bugs and suggestions.
If you have a feature request please note the following:

  • A4E only serves publicly available data
  • Source data import can be automated
  • Any feature requiring users to log in or enter an API key is not going to happen

I can also be found on tweetfleet Slack or Discord as Ethan02 or via Twitter @AdamFourEVE


Sorry for the stupid question but what is the difference between
Build Opt.
Build Buy
On the Price & build history graph?

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Hm, notifications don’t seem to work for me in the new forum… sorry about the delay.

Not a stupid question at all, since this was also asked on reddit. Thought I had added a feature request to add an explanation to the page, but can’t find it. Did so now as item 423.

Pasting the answer from reddit:

Build buy = You buy the needed materials directly from the market

Build opt = All manufacturable materials are being built yourself (recursively) if cheaper than market

NB: No time/ISK penality for the added manufacturing time for build opt is being applied (in contrast to the A4E PI calculator)

Does that answer your question?

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Pushed v0.0.13 to production with various improvements to the commodity details page.

First and foremost there is now help available, explaining the different information and links on that page.

In the past it was a pain to align the price and volume charts in order to see if a price spike was caused by a buy-out. Now a button is available to sync either graph to the other one.


Two additional data lines have been added to the volume graph. CCP only provides a total number how many items have been bought and sold per day. A4E compares order books of the major trade hubs every 10 minutes and records the movement of the remaining order quantities. The two new lines give an indication how much is bought from sell orders and sold to buy order.
Note: All orders that are filled between pulls are not included in these figures.

If you find anything broken or have suggestions, please let me know.

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Small addition deployed…

For Skill Extractor, Multiple Pilot Training Certificate and Pilot’s Body Resculpt Certificate the cost for the amount of PLEX needed to buy these items in the New Eden Store is drawn in the price history as comparison to the ISK cost from the “open market”.

Regardless of the region selected for the buy/sell price the PLEX price is always based on The Forge prices, thus mainly Perimeter.


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What php class are you using to make the graphs on the website?

The graphs are done via the dygraphs Javascript library.

Added two of CCP Quants Monthly Economic Report (MER) graphs to A4E based on the CSV files he also provides in those DevBlogs. Allows some more dynamic tinkering with the data like zooming or selecting only some data lines.

Updates to the historic data can ofc only occur once future DevBlogs and CSVs are released by CCP.

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Three additions to the PI chain page (for example ‘Construction Blocks’):

  • Via a checkbox you can mark an input material to be bought from the market. The chain part before the checkbox is ignored and chain part after the checkbox calculated based on the market price.
    This allows to model factory planet setups.
  • P0 materials now display on which planet types they can be extracted
  • A screenshot help has been added to help explain the multitude of values

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

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Short version

Long version
Question was asked in the EveProsper Discord, if there was a site showing a historic view of the modules destroyed by analyzing killmails from zKillboard. Got me thinking that the existing A4E kill graphp0rn generator can create graphs for the history of ships and ship types killed as per zKillboard. But not of the fittings or the cargo. However that data is in the A4E DB.

Thus whipped up a separate page, where you can select a ship, module or other commodity and it shows you a history how much was destroyed and dropped each day. By default averages, since it looks nicer! :slight_smile:
For ships the history goes back until August 2014. For everything else back until beginning of 2017.
Can be found in the graphp0rn menu as zKill history.

A direct request was for a bigger version of the graph for the SolarSystem industry cost indexes. Currently there was only a tiny graph as one of six in the location details page, which takes a while to load due to the amount of data.
Now again in the graphp0rn menu section there is Cost indexes, which has a bigger graph and is loading a lot quicker.

However during the process of creating the question popped up in my head: How do these indexes behave in Delve overall?
There was no option to view a region view of the industry indexes. Now there is! The values of each solar system belonging to that region are simply summed up, which however takes longer to load than selecting a system.

On a side note, the MER data was updated to include Decembers values.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.


v0.0.14 was deployed today.

Short version

  • First major update in getting rid of CREST/XML and unifying NPC stations and structures
  • Market order viewer a lot faster and more direct
  • Price history now is true daily average and showing the daily price range
  • Order depth graph is a lot faster and thus not cached but “live”, also dedicated page for it
  • Structure listings have been updated and fixed

Long version
Adam4EVE is now five years old and thus started on the XML API and added CREST as that API grew. Then ESI came along and stuff from that API was added. In the mean time structures happened and the informations from them needed to be stored in parallel to the NPC information.
In essence A4E grew organically and new stuff was pilled ontop or in parallel to old stuff. Furthermore who would have known that I would accumulate Gigabytes of database space for a space game?

With XML and CREST having a death date in May this year, this forced me to rethink and rewrite the main API driven core of the website. With v0.0.14 the first step in achieving the goal has made it to production:

  • Database model that is able to store data across many years without performance impact
  • Database model that integrates NPC stations and player structures in one model, making queries easy again
  • Replacing all XML and CREST calls with ESI and use CREST only as fallback (as long as possible)
  • Get rid of legacy functionality, code and database tables

Thus most of v0.0.14’s changes are behind the scenes with new import scripts, new DB model and existing graphs/tables getting their data from the new backend. However some frontend changed also made it in:

Price history
The commodity details page showing the price history now shows only a one year history by default. Thus load time is quicker than before.
On the right there is a new “date range” selection box that affects both the price and volume history. Thus you are still able to view the history back until 2015.

Date range selection box

The price history shown is from A4E and not CCP. In 0.0.13 and before the recorded sell price for a day was the price of the lowest sell order in the last orderbook import of A4E on that day.
Not an accurate representation you say? I agree; if the price was low all day long but spiked at the end, history would tell that it spiked the whole day.

Since 01.01.2018 caches the seen buy and sell price of all orderbook imports and creates a true average across this cache at the end of the day. Furthermore it allows A4E to also record the highest and lowest minimum sell price during the day and to display this as an “error channel” in the respective color.
This gives you an indication how volatile the price has been. Same is recorded for the order volume as well.

Daily price range displayed as “error channel”

Market order browser
Previously due to load time in the market browser the orders were not display immediately but only the number of results display in order to allow the user to select more filters, if the results count is very high.
With the new backend performance as improved a lot and thus orders are now displayed directly. All in all the page has been cleaned up allowing it to reach the requested orders a lot faster.

Other stuff

  • Order depth now has a dedicated page, too
  • Industry cost index can now also be watched cummulative for complete New Eden (see pic below)
  • PI profitability and PI chain pages now display the price date used for the calculations
  • Market trends shows the last update and allows users to set ISK threshold themselves. Price now links to order viewer
  • Fixes to tables listing structures have been applied regarding the structure type and naming
  • New In the media page linking to articles/videos using A4E

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

Sum of all solar system industry indexes across New Eden - Slight downwards trend

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I found adam4eve today and I must admit, that it is a really great tool. I like it very much and will use it frequently in the future.

After having a closer look, I found two things that are either wrong or I don’t get it.
A) Price & Build history of ‘Antimatter Charge S’ (or any other item that produces multiple items on one run)
It shows a buy and sell price around 20 ISK and a Build Buy price around 1200 ISK. Obviously it is not taken into account that one run for Antimatter Charge S produces 100 Units so that the Build Buy price per unit is 12 ISK. Currently it is not possible to compare Build Buy with Buy and Sell.

B) Manufacturing calculator: For example: Small Salvage Tackle II
In the price calculation the datacores are calculated with “0,21” Units per product. But you get an average of around 0,5 T2 Blueprints per datacore and each blueprint has one run only. So you need to calculate with 2 Datacores per product. The 0,21 Datacores are fine for modules, that have 10 runs per T2 blueprint but do not work for rigs that have only one run per blueprint.

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Thanks for sharing your obervations.

a) Noticed that as well a few days ago when testing if the current release broke anything. But then forgot to make a bug report for it. Done now as #566. I had already noticed and fixed this a year ago in #324 but seem to have re-introduced the bug again somewhen.
Will be fixed quite quickly once I’ve finished getting rid of CREST dependencies.

b) Yeah, the manufacturing calculator… its three years old and hasn’t had any love since then. I wouldn’t put my hand into the fire anymore that its 100% accurate.
It is my next focus once CREST is gone and the trade advisor completed. I have the vision of making the same for manufacturing what is available for PI. Thus profitability top-list and displaying the chain. In the course of that I’ll rewrite the calculator updating it to the current formula.
This however would be deployed earliest in late summer.

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v0.0.15 was deployed today.

Short version
Region level price and trade history back until 2003 now available. Yes, 15 years of history!

Long version
In the Talking in Stations Podcast episode from 30.04.2017 @CCP_Quant stated that CCP had the price history back until 2003 and potentially could make this available for players. Among others A4E reminded CCP of this statement via Twitter and indeed with the Febuary 2018 MER the 16 GB CSV export with 269.257.439 rows of data has been released.

A4E has imported that data into its database and made it now available in its graphs for everyone to analyze. For example you can use it to predict future price movements based on a looong history. Or identify repeating patterns for example based in the slow summers. Or check on inflation. Or just marvel at the history of EVE Online and its market.

Tritanium price and trade history 2003 - 2018 (direct link)

Since looking at the raw data on such a large scale doesn’t produce nice looking graphs, v0.0.15 also adds averaging to the commodity details page.

New “Average across days” selection

If you select averaging across 14 days, then A4E takes the values of the 1st to 14th day, creates the average and stores it as the 14th day. Thus you have to keep the resulting effect in mind and not draw false conclusions.
For example from the left extract of the averaged tritanium history you might conclude that with the Revelations I expansion there was a slow rise of price. In fact the raw, un-averaged graph shows that on patch day there was a price spike.

Comparison averaged vs. un-averaged graph

Un-published types
Previously you could only view market commodities that CCP had flagged as “published”. However since it might be interesting for some to view the price history of legacy types, with v0.0.15 also types without the published-flag may be selected. However only via the typeID URL parameter.

Main motivation was PLEX. While CCP interestingly has back-filled the price for the new PLEX with typeID 44992, some might wanna feel nostalgic viewing the “real” PLEX price via the old typeID 29668.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.


Short version
Comparison of prices, market and trade volume between regions and/or stations added. Both as a table and historical as a graph. Selection of locations and types/commodities fully customizable.

Long version
Had the need to compare different market metrics like the price, the amount in sell or buy orders and the traded amount between both regions and stations. Looking at questions like:

  • How does “Jita” compare to the “The Forge” region? How does this differ for Tritanium and PLEX?
  • How much trade volume do secondary hubs really have in comparison?
  • Did it change viewed historically of many years?

Price/volume comparison table

Mineral camparison between top 4 NPC trade hub stations for today (link)

This allows to quickly compare the price and order volume of commodities between up to four different locations. Pre-selectable locations are the four NPC trade hub stations and regions. However you can select via the URL any region or station you like. And you can mix station and regions as well.

Same applies to the commodity selection. Via the URL you can select any basket of typeIDs that are interesting for you or use a group as defined by CCP. Thus you can easily bookmark exactly the comparison you’ll need regularly.

Comparison is not only displayed by pure numbers, but also in percentage by clicking a simple toogle.

Same page as previous screenshot, just toogled to delta/percentage view

For regions and if a timeframe of for example 2 weeks is selected, then also the CCP trade history data is included, thus how much has been traded in the past.

Example of a custom item basket averaging values from 01.02. till today (link)

Price/volume historic comparison graph
Individual metrics can be compared between up to 10 regions and/or stations across the available history. Again the locations can be individually defined via the URL and thus booksmarked. Normal functions like averaging and time span selection are in place.

Amount of Tritanium traded in Forge, Domain and Delve 2005 till now (link)

BTW: The lists for Commodity IDs and Location IDs may help to customize these.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

Short version
Added two new data sources from the Monthly Economic Report (MER) , the value produced destroyed and mined across all of New Eden back until 2012 as well as the regional stats history for a single region with all metrics or comparing a single metric between a bunch of regions.

Long version
The Monthly Economic report (MER) has a couble of CSV files that could be and the shown graphs either re-created with more dynamic option or shown in a completly new way. Two new sets of data have been imported to A4E and thus are now available in the “MER” menu.

Production vs. Destruction vs. Mining
This data provided by CCP is supposed to give an idea how much was either destroyed, end products produced or ore mined on a historic scale. Shown is the ISK value as per the 30 day average market price.
You can nicely see that Ascension has changed the steady trend and has shaken up the three metrics.

Destruction, production and mining value 2012-2018 (link)

Regional stats history
Each month CCP also releases a snapshot of the regional stats that show across a bunch of metrics how the different regions compare to each other. For example during the last few report they have shown that the powerhouse of Delve is continously growing.

The MER does not include a historic view on these metrics. This is what A4E is now providing based on the released data from CCP.

There are two graphs using that data. The first one is a history of all the regional metric for a single region. Thus with this one you can compare the different metrics against each other for example to see if mining has increased in the same way as production did. (In this example also looking at the system cost index history might be useful)

Comparison of trade, production and mining value history for the region “Delve” (link)

Now you might be wondering what kind of impact this might have had to “The Forge” region or a set of other regions. The second graph allows you to compare a single metric across up to 10 regions and/or complete New Eden, that you can define via an URL parameter.

In the below example the mining value of Delve is compared the the sum of all regions, thus of New Eden. You can see that the total is increasing roughtly the same as Delve, which leads me to the conclusion that Delve mining is on top of the normal mining and not just relocating miners.

Mining value history compared between New Eden and Delve (link)

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

Cool site, I have just discovered now and hope I can increase my profits. thanks for your work.

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Short version
Adam4EVE now also shows the name and freeport history of player owned structures either for a specific structure (example) or as a 50 row changelog. You’ll find them in the “Structures” menu.

Long version
Until now Adam4EVE just updated name and freeport status of player owned structure multiple times a day, but didn’t store a history of the changes. This has been added now allowing for a change log to show what kind of activity is going on with the publicly visible structures.

Changes of name or freeport status of structures as per 27.04.2018 (link)

If you click on the structure name here or on other A4E pages, then you’ll be directed to the history page of that structure. This shows you the API-publicly available data about this structure and the history of recorded changes specific to this structure. If it is a market structure, the page will also show the order count and volume history for you to judge if this is a hub on the rise or decline.

The history itself might be useful to determine if this is a fast changing port that might even have restricted the docking permissions in the past or not.

Structure history for the structure with the ID 1026937962829 (link)

Note that once the structure is private and if it doesn’t have ranged buy orders (or CREST has been turned off; yay to non-parity), A4E does not get updates on the naming and thus it may differ from ingame.

Shoutout to the unkown developer of who had the idea a long time ago and accumulated a far reaching history. And who’s site allowed me to validate my results.

BTW I sometimes see questions on discord/slack if there is a list of structure_id --> name. A4E doesn’t provide an API (yet) but in the “Informations” menu the “List stations” returns such a list.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

Short version
A4E features now a margin finder, meaning a tool that lets you find items with an attractive difference between the highest buy and lowest sell order. Of course offering versatile filters as you’d expect from A4E.

Long version
I’m more a relaxed long term trader buying low and selling sometimes 200 days later for nice profit, updating orders once a week.

But you can also play the market “intra-day”, where you use the difference between the buy and sell price. Thus set a buy order and keep it at the top. All items bought are immediately placed into a sell order and also kept as lowest order. Thus within a few hours dependent on how busy the item is traded you can make a tidy profit. You “just” need to battle the other market warriors.

How it works
The margin finder is simple: It calculates the potential profit via the spread of buy and sell price of all items in a station or region, deducts the configurable fees and taxes, sorts the list by profitability and returns the top rows.

Of course you can freely select the location you want to search for these items. This can either be a region, station or structure.
You can configure the broker fees and the sales tax that should be applied.

And you can apply different filters to limit the results:

  • Type category or type group or market group
  • Maximum buy price, because you might not have the money to buy a titan blueprint
  • Minimum performed trades (7d average), since there is no point selecting items where the buy or sell orders are not filled
  • Minimum traded ISK, since the small fish are for beginners

As mentioned above, I’m not a margin trader. But I tried it today to see if the tool has any worth.

I used an alpha-Alt with just 50M ISK in the wallet. I upped the default filters to show only stuff that has at least 100 trades per day and a traded value of 1 trillion in Jita. Of the returned items I selected the “Stasis Webifier II” and the “Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring”.

Next I placed buy orders at 940.000 and 10.000 respectivly in a “offshore” structure at 0.3% fee to save some broker fee. Over the course of 5 hours semi-actively updating the orders I aquired 13 Webs and 1000 Wirings. In total I paid 22.451.101 ISK for these. Furthermore during that time I paid 1.503.018 ISK in Brokers fees (including the later sell order brokers fee at 3%).

I was able to sell all of them. The last 31 wirings took ages, wouldn’t select that one next time. I gained 47.009.204 ISK. I paid 940.180 ISK in sales tax (2%).

Thus in total by using the margin between buy and sell orders in Jita with commodities suggested by the margin finder I was able to make 22.114.905 ISK profit and nearly doubled my invested money within a day. I’d call that a successful test and no ISK-doubling scam was involved.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.


CCP has added the ownership information of structures to ESI. This is now also imported by A4E and changes stored.

Thus the structure changelog now also lists the latest ownership changes.

Structure change log with last 50 name, freeport and ownership changes (link)

Furthermore the structure history page now informs about the current owner corporation and alliance (if any) as well as any changes that occured since beginning of June 2018.

Structure history for the structure with the ID 1021317240620 (link)

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions. If you think that Adam4EVE is useful you can consider to support it via Patreon.