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Is there a site similar to fuzzworks that allows me to see the top valued markets. Use to use eve-market data but it is no longer. Any help is greatly appriciated.

midijerk93 tends to come and go and - for now at least - it only shows sell orders in NPC stations.

3rd party tools are basically a labor of love - be thankful they exist at all.

What’s wrong with @Steve_Ronuken’s site?

But if you insist, he is another:

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nothing but i want more than the top 10 markets. Does it show more than that on there and I just cannot figure it out?

Well, you can see every order on mine. (every order that’s in a public market, at least. if it’s not a public structure, it won’t show up)

Is there a way to see the buy and sell volume for each item per station? Also different question to main question but is there a place that I can see a collective amount of the ships destroyed in a system. Like say for example I’m looking at Jita, is there a way to tell me how many ventures have been destroyed total in that system?

Use this page with filters to see history per station:

To see kills, you have to rely on publicly shared killmails. Ventures exploded in Jita is this link on zKill:

You need to now the systems ID and ship ID to construct the URL, but you can do it. I don’t think you can get the stats on ships per system however. You can get the stats on Ventures killed in the whole game ( or all ships killed in Jita ( but not filtered on both. For that you would probably need to build your own analysis based on ESI or zKill’s API (or both).

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Sweet thanks for the help everyone! o7

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