Tool to identify high-volume items?

Is there a tool or website that ranks items by trade volume? Or just some general guidance on what items are high-volume? T2 modules and faction ammo, say?

I’m trying to find that info using EveTrade, but I must not be using the tool right. Evernus looks interesting, but is it consistent with the ToS?

Many thanks in advance.

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For this I just use the info you get in the game from the price history graph and also:

I don’t know of any other besides these and what you cited.


Thanks for that link. That’s a pretty great site! I’m going to play around with it. I really appreciate the help!

Yes, I use the price history graph all the time. It’s a good tool.

Once again, thanks for the help!


I post the top trade items I sell per month. I do about 15,000 market orders so I’ve been collecting all that data for what I sell and how much of what is selling. You can find it on my discord or message me there (check the announcements tab for the sales info)

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I joined your Discord and wow, I’m impressed! Thank you for sharing this info.

I don’t recognize any of the hubs you use. No Jita, Rens, Hek, etc. I guess you work mostly out in low-sec?

My trade business is so far a miniscule fraction of yours, but I am showing steady profits. I’ve been trading in Jita, Hek and Rens.

Yeah i just create my own haha trying for each region of the game minus the established regions that have trade hubs.

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