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Structure listing
Due to the now available owner information, I’ve reworked the public structure listing. Owner information is now listed as well and you can filter according to owner corporation or alliance. Easiest use-case would be:

  • Which public structures does the Corporation/Alliance XYZ have?

Structures from alliance “Circle-Of-Two” that are publicly visible and active (link)

Of course you can add additional filters like “Only low-sec” or “only 10 jumps from Jita”.
Furthermore now you can add a fulltext search filter against the structure name, for example entering “tax” there for this use-case:

  • Show me all structures with “tax” in their name, 4 jumps from Jita.

Public structures with “tax” in their name with maximum gate jump distance of 4 (link)

Please note the “hide” link in the filter selector that hides it, reducing the clutter if you want to share the URL of your result.

Structure statistics
Before the structure statistic graphs were together with the structure listing. They now have a dedicated page and I’ve also added dedicated graphs for refineries.

Refinery part of the structure statistic graphs (link)

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Short version
How much is being traded daily (of a commodity) per region? —> This much
How much is being traded daily (in a region) per commodity? —> This much (!!! large list !!!)

Long version
Until now I couldn’t really grasp how much of a specific commodity was being traded in the different regions of New Eden or in New Eden in total. These new lists are based off CCPs trade history data from their ESI API. Thus they should be fairly accurate however are only available on a region level and does not differentiate trades against a sell or buy order.

They supply two views on the market. One grouped by regions, showing where and how much trade as a total is happening or trade of a specified commodity is happening.

Daily trade of ‘Large Skill Injectors’ per region (link)

The other grouped by commodity, showing what and how much is being traded as a total or within a specific region. Might help decide if a specific market is large enough to get invested in. Or if seeding might be profitable.

Daily trade volume of commodities in region ‘Metropolis’ (link)

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:warning: The linked pages can take several minutes to load due to calculations! :warning:

Short version
How much ISK value has been destroyed in Abyssal space as per zKillboard? --> This much
Works also for other regions in New Eden.

Long version
The introduction of Abyssal space and the kill reports flowed from that feature sparked the question exactly how much is being destroyed within these NPC sites?

Of course zKillboard delivers only a partial picture since the killmails need to be added manually to that site. And most missioners won’t be doing that if they lost a bling ship. But it give at least some measure.

Daily losses in count and ISK value as daily values or historic sum (link)

Next question was, what kind of ships contributed mainly to this amount of losses. Thus a second page now available on A4E. Who would have guessed that the Gila is up at the top?

Ranking of ship types by kill value being destroyed in Abyssal space (link)

All of this also works for any other region in New Eden, thus below an example from Aridia.
Ranking of ship types by kill value being destroyed in Aridia (link)

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Short version

Video version

Long version
The last few weeks I took a look at reprocessing and if there was profit in doing it. First step was to understand how this is working and for me this is best as a flow- or chain chart. Based on the Planetary Interaction chain chart A4E now offers a chain chart for Reprocessing, that allows you to interactively fine-tune the parameters in order to directly see the results.

You can define

  • from which market the prices are pulled
  • what tax rates are used
  • which reprocessing yield is applied
  • which input quantity used

Reprocessing of ‘Experimental Armor EM Hardener I’ (link)

Next step was get a list of all reprocessable items and order them according to their profitability.
This entails doing up to four calculations depending if you buy or sell at buy or sell price. This however resulted in a list where the reprocessing of lots of items was highly profitable. Problem though that at closer look you’d either never be able to buy the input at the buy price or sell it at the sell price. Mostly since its traded once in year.

Thus columns were added to help determine directly in the list if the row was interesting and worth research or not. With this list then I was proving its correctness by reprocessing stuff and selling the results, which multiplied the 20M of my Alpha rather quickly with minimal effort and time consumption.

Reprocessing profitability (link)

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Short version

Long version
Finally CCP implemented a endpoint to get a list of the public contracts and the items within them. This now allows to automatically gather the value of items being traded within contracts. Whilst it also applies to all sort of stuff like ships etc the main interest is the value of Bluepint Copies (BPCs) that cannot be traded directly on the market.

Having a price for BPCs allows a far more accurate calculation of manufacturing profitability. Killboard sites can use this endpoint to determine accurately the value of BPCs that have been blown up. There are many uses and some will be covered by A4E.

First up is a price history, thus what was the lowest price you had to pay on a given day in order to scoop that item up from a contract. This only takes contracts into account that contain only this item type. Since otherwise if you have BPC1 and BPC2 in the same contract for 100M ISK there is no way to determine how much BPC1 contributes to the overall price.

Contract price history of Nyx Blueprint copies in complete New Eden (link)

10/16/1 stands for the BPC quality of ME 10 and TE 16 with 1 run.

In the top right you can toggle between the price, volume (how many BPCs are overall available) and count (how many contracts are available) information.

You can filter for a selectable region and also only show BPCs with a given Material Efficiency and/or Time Efficiency.

More to come…

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EDIT: Currently ESI only returns max 10.000 contracts per region. Thus not all contracts in “The Forge” are being returned and thus taken into account by A4E. See ESI issue #1028 for details.


I´ve found a little bug on the PI Chain Page. There are two planet types shown with B. One for Barren and the other one for Blasma? Think this should be a P. Because of that i had some problems setting up my PI :crazy_face:.

Just in case you haven´t noticed it already.


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Hi there,
thanks for the feedback. Hadn’t noticed that. Was a mistake in the database that has been fixed now and from the chains I tested it looks fine now. Thus closed bug report 669.

Thanks again for reporting the issue,

Thanks! Really helpful. Let’s see how this new market transparency will influence the BPC prices.

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Exists a Tool inside adam4eve to calculate Reactions? (profit & so on) similar to PI ?

No, since everyone I met doing reactions seems quite satisfied with Fuzzwork’s page. And I haven’t been into that myself.
If there is a broader interest into that, then I might look into it after the manufacturing re-coding is out.

Understood, i find that page very confusing while a4e is really more accurate and detailed. But i’ll stick with fuzzy for now.

Short version

:warning: Warning: As of writing CCP only returns 20.000 contracts for “The Forge”, thus there are some missing. This may change in the future at the grace of CCP (see #1014).

Long version
With the release of the contract endpoint the obvious use is to determine if there are any profitable contracts out there. That is exactly what A4E is doing.

Listing of profitable contracts w/o BPCs in HighSec (link)

For this A4E determines the value of the items offered by the contract against “The Forge” and thus Jita price or takes the average contract price from A4E’s contract price history.

Please be aware that by default already some filters apply like the limitation to HighSec. The list without filters would simply put a lot of stress onto your browser, but feel free to remove or add any you need. And since all parameters are passed via the URL you can bookmark your ideal settings.

:exclamation:The evaluation of BPCs still needs some more history in order to work fine thus if you allow contracts with BPCs expect to be fine tuning the filters in order to filter out the “scams”.

:bangbang: In general you still need common sense to evaluate a contract. Ships mostly have the rigs fitted. Laser crystals may have decayed, event boosters expired, …

So what’s included in a contract that looks juicy?

Contract ID 137252690 details (link)

The contract details page shows you what is being supplied if you accept the contract and what you need to deliver. Same for the ISK received and to be given. And based on these values the minimal and maximum profit, dependent if you buy/sell from/to buy/sell orders.

OK, I found an interesting contract. How do I open the contract ingame in order to review it there and accept it?
Well, A4E wants to avoid user logins, since I want to keep the visitors anonymous regarding their ingame identity and keep myself free of the potential accusation of using private market information. Here however a login would really help, since ESI offers a UI function to open the contract window ingame via a 3rd party application like A4E.

Currently I opted against an implementation of a login and described a manual workaround using ESI to open an interesting contract. If some Patreons however would raise an interest in a one-click solution after login, there might be an exception for this use-case.

View contract history of capsuleers
The contract listing also allows you to view a history of the public contracts of a character, corporation or alliance and thus reviewing their past business conduct.

Contract history of capsuleer ‘Akira Nalliery’, 3rd place in total m^3 offered (link)

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions.

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Can we get “dark mode” for the website plz
(darker bg fork. #131313 and ofc lighter letters you can see on it)

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Technically possible, albeit nothing really quick, since not initially thought of and designed for.
I’ve added it as feature request 693.

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I was wondering if IPH shown on the PI profitability chart is actually a useful metric when comparing PI chains.

I’d suggest keeping IPH, but instead of calculating how long the chain goes from start to finish, instead sum up all of the time spent in the chain, even things that are in parallel.

For example, if something sells for 100 isk, and if it has two inputs that each take 1 hour to produce, and the final product takes 1 hour to produce, it would say that the isk per hour is 100/(2 hrs) = 50. If something takes three inputs, each takes 1 hour to produce and the final product also takes 1 hour, the isk/hr is still 50, even though you had to use more planets and factories to produce the item.

With the proposed approach, the first case would be 100/3 = 33.3 isk/hr and the second case would be 100/4 = 25 isk per hour. Which makes sense because the first case is more profitable than the second, since you use one less planet/factory chain that can be used for something else instead.

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That is a very good suggestion. Further to your argument of the lesser planet used for smth else it will also reflect the amount of effort of the chain in the ISK value.

Added it as feature request 710. Need to finish other features first, but really like this one. Thank you for the comment.

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Very nice tool, thank you for building and maintaining it!

Question: Would it be doable to add the Reaction cost index to the graph_costIndex.php screens? That’d be awesome :slight_smile:

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Good point… either CCP added the reaction cost index to their API at some point or I missed it during implementation. Should be fairly simple to also gather and display that one. Of course there won’t be a history at the beginning.

As expected this was rather easy to add and thus is already implemented. Thus #725 is resolved.
Thanks again @Kwa_Zulu for bringing this to my attention.

Hi, Not sure if this is working as intended but within Market > Margin Finder I am entering a type group (eg Missiles), I am entering a station (ie Hek VIII moon 12) and I am entering 5 as min trades and nothing appears.

However if I do a market group (ie Ammunition & Charges/Missiles/Heavy Missiles/Standard Heavy Missiles/) and leave the other information the same then I get results appear.

Do I have to search on a specific type (ie heavy missiles) or can I not search for a general group like missiles which should cover everything under missiles (rockets, lights, heavy etc)