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Also, i was trying to work out how the data on the site correlates to in game. For example the image below shows data for missiles in Hek.

The picture below sales sales for scourge missiles in Hek

The last picture is the market for scourge missiles in Hek

Apart from the sell price I am struggling to see how the data correlates, especially under the S2B and BfS options. ive looked at the picture on the webpage to try and work out what the data means and i am struggling.

looking at scourge missiles for example (if I am reading the example picture right), the 5367 is the average volume of that missile that has been sold to buy orders over the last 7 days, and the 27,862 is the average volume of that missile that has been sold to sell orders over the last 7 days. however if you take 12,000, 9,465, 27,000, 272,587, 14,490, 21,600, 47,135 which is the quantity sold over the last 7 days in game the average of that is 57753 missiles a day over the last 7 days. This also makes the average isk traded a figure i cannot seem to get to using the average prices shown in figure 2.

Could you please explain how the data ont he website correlates to the data in game.

Hi there,
regarding the question that nothing appears to happen if you select a type group in the margin finder.

I did the same you described and indeed nothing was listed. Reason is that the default “min trades” filter of 100M ISK is being applied and displayed in the filter selection. If I put that to 0, then results are listed and you can also see that the seen trade volume is below the 100M ISK.

Thanks @Ethan02

What about the reading of the info, there is something i am obviously not understanding.

I’ll get back to you on that once I’m back home end of the week. Currently traveling…

Thanks Ethan, appreciated

Now had some time to look at the second part.

I just did a check of the pricing and this seems fine. If you click on the price, you get to the market browser with the current order book A4E knows of. Checked for Inferno Heavy Missile against EVE Marketer and it shows the same there. Don’t have an Alt in HEK to check in-client, but if both sites have it wrong then there is an issue with CCPs ESI API.

Please note however that the prices are not real-time on A4E. The site is doing a lot of calculations for all the stuff it is providing and you can look at the Patreon yourself if the project can afford a super-computer. :slight_smile:

Moving on to S2B and BfS.
First please note that these columns are not based on data provided by CCP. CCP only releases trade data on a region view and not split into sells and buys.

But since it may be of importance to know how much is going to a specific station and if it is going to buy or sell orders, A4E started to fetch the market order books every 10 minutes and compare them to the previous one. If the volume of an already seen order decreased then this is a confirmed buy/sell against that order based on its type.

Of course this is in-accurate. An order may have been created and filled within that window. If an order disappeared, was is filled or canceled? …

Thus, yes it is inaccurate depending on how fast the market is moving and orders filled. However within your example you have 57753 reported by CCP for the whole region and 33229 confirmed by A4E for that single station, then that is actually quite good. The capture rate of injectors in Perimeter is far worse, since it is moving so fast.

Thus the 33229 (A4E on station level) vs. 57753 (CCP on region level) tells you that indeed most trade of that item within that region is taking place in that station. And since the A4E values are split in Buy and Sell, you now know how much is going to/from which.

I hope this clarified this a bit? If not, please feel free to poke further. :wink:

Hi @Ethan02 - thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand it partially better, overall though I dont know how to read the data to find out what I need… I guess I am just a bit dim to grasp the details in front of me (in general on those charts rather the the bit youve just explained), ill stop there before I dig myself a bigger hole though.

Hi, I am in Margin Finder and I am trying to find armor implants. Ive searched under category, group and market group and nothing shows as armor implants, does this kind of search exist/work

thanks, the group is under cyber armor, how does that relate to the ingame options?

I do not know))

The Category and Group Option relate to the structure CCP categorizes the item types in the SDE, for example listed here.

Easiest way to get information on the SDE category/group or market path is via the commodity details:

In the Margin Finder you can then select via the group as mentioned above or via the market path, in this case Armor Implants/Implant Slot 09.

I guess the confusion stems from the fact that the search field for market group only matches the last element in the path, thus a search for “armor implants” will not match, but “Implant Slot 09” will.

Added a ToDo to look if this can be improved to match the whole market path.

Short version

  • Login via CCP SSO added
  • Requests permission to open windows in EVE client; no ingame data access
  • Contracts can now be opened directly ingame if logged in

Long version

Originally I stated that A4E would not implement any feature that requires a login. Main reason is that this requires a level of trust on the user side that no mischief is done with the aquired data. Without a login A4E is free of any suspicions.

However with the addition of contracts to the ESI API and thus to A4E it has been a pain to open contracts ingame if you found an interesting one on A4E. It has been requested multiple times to allow the direct opening ingame via the ESI API, which requires a CCP SSO login to be implemented.

Well, now A4E also sports a login button…

The only ESI scope that is requested is the permission to open windows in your EVE client:

  • esi-ui.open_window.v1

Fine, now that a user is authenticated, how is this used by A4E?
Well, as indicated, the main reason for this was the contract features on A4E. Thus in the first step two pages have been updated to include opening contracts directly ingame from A4E by clicking on the little window icon. Assuming that you’ve logged in first of course.

EVE client connection on the contract profitability page (link)

EVE client connection on the contract details page (link)

If you are logged out and thus the contract window cannot be opened ingame for you, then the icon looks like this.

Contract profitability page while logged out, showing “disconnected” icon

And finally if you are logged in and want to log out, then you can use the door:

Future plans
The same ESI scope allows to open the market window. I plan to implement that where I see appropriate. First one will be the market trend page.

Feel free to suggest A4E pages where you’d benefit from the feature of opening a window ingame. Currently ESI supports the following endponts.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions. If you think that Adam4EVE is useful you can consider to support it via Patreon .

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This is really cool. Are you making any RL money off the website? Because you should.

Thanks for the feedback.

The last years I had 1-3 $ support monthly, which at least got me a coffee a month. :sweat_smile:

Now after the server move and a frustrated tweet the first month passed with 30 $, which covers the server cost. However this is from just 5 Patrons thus I expect it to drop again. And is still discouraging seeing the ~200 avg daily unique visitors. :smirk:

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~200 daily uniques…I guess that puts an indicator on how many people are serious about EVE market research >_>
Maybe a bad question to ask right after talking about server costs, but does A4E have any sort of API? I’m trying to do some crosschecking of values from ESI and the per-station trades history you keep, and I…could do it via HTML parsing for each item_id by URL but I have to imagine that’s not great from your perspective.

No, there is no API currently due to performance reasons. I’d only put it on a dedicated VM which creates cost and thus is one of the Patreon goals.

If you scrape gracefully then that is OK. If you stir the watchdog however, then it will block your IP.

I would love to use it more, I find it quite complicated though, so perhaps others find the same so thats why the figure is what it is

I do know I’m not an UI expert. :slight_smile: Practical advice or mock-ups are always appreciated.

Added a graph showing the history of the account ban metrics CCP is now releasing in their Monthly Security Reports. Hope these reports will be a long-term thing.

Accounts banned for hacking, botting or RMT (link)