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@Ethan02 I am not a UI expert either, I do appreciate that the site has had a hell of a lot of work on it and gives a ton of info, i do find it complicated but i didnt want you to think I do not appreciate the work that has been involved.

After reading the article from @Rhivre on INN on the MER I really liked the comparison tables in there.

Thus I “borrowed” this and added it as a feature in the MER section of A4E. (Thanks Rhivre :innocent:)

MER metric comparison of two timeframes across all regions (link)

You selected two timeframes and a metric and the page compares the values of these timeframes against each other.

And this doesn’t need to be a single month. If you select several month, then the average across these months will be calculated and used in the comparison. And you can mix that, thus compare a timeframe to a single month (as seen in the screenshot above).

Of course you can select all the MER metrics that are provided by CCP in the regional stats.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions. If you think that Adam4EVE is useful you can consider to support it via Patreon .

If found a bug in your reprocessing calculations:

When processing 100 Mercoxit it results in 15,000 Morphite instead of the correct 150.

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Good catch, it doesn’t seem to take into account that the batch size for the 300 returned Morphite at 100% is 100 and not 1.
Added as a bug and will look into it.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for all your work!

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The reprocessing calculation bug is fixed now (issue 783).

Note that in the detail page, you’ve swapped labels ‘buy price’ and ‘sell price’. Right? Or am I having a stroke? And check the volume too…

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding your first point: It might seem like it is swapped, because shouldn’t be the sell price always higher than the buy price? However if you check the current market orders for tritanium on a region level (as per your example), then indeed there is a higher buy order than sell order. Thus the values are correctly displaying the highest buy and lowest sell order in the region.

If you select Jita exclusively then you’ll have the expected picture:

Regarding the second point: Easy to add a list of the regions to select the needed one. Added it as a feature request.


No need for an apology. I’m glad to hear feedback and its good to check, if the site is still working correctly.

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You’re too kind. I wasted your time. Uhm. do you know something about this: Discrepancy in some MERs

The PI chain information is super confusing and there needs to be some way to block information from before a certain point from calculation. having this massive negative on P4 production in comparison to selling the P0 makes it very confusing because it looks like it’s implying that most things you build it’s better just extracting and exporting the P0. Once understood what each step means it seems like some of the displayed information is only applicable on single-planet chains, despite the system making it possible to utilize multiple.

Thanks for the feedback.
Not sure though what is throwing you off. Could you please make an example/screenshots?

For me the profitability of the chain against selling the P0s seems to be clearly indicated.
(Hovering over the icons in the chain shows a tooltip as seen below)


After spending a LOT more time with the tool: I love it from the direction that it is designed from (determining what you want to put on a planet).
The math feels weird for, say you’re buying the Condensates to make Organic Mortar Applicators then suddenly, despite the fact that you’re making profit on that step, it’s negative profit compared to P0 and negative profit compared to inputs. That last one is ludicrously confusing and sussing it out more properly is difficult since unchecking one ‘buy this’ tickbox unchecks them all (bug, if just on firefox).

From what I’m able to tell the buying from market button doesn’t remove the P0 that would go into that item from further calculations, so it mutzes with Profit Compared to P0 down the line. The assumption from most users would likely be that if they’re buying something from the market it’s because they’re not in a position to produce it themselves and there’s not loss on the production because it’s easily assumable that doesn’t mean one just isn’t harvesting something else with their free PG.
Also it’s not explicitly told to the player whether it’s calculating based on moving each new step to a new planet or if there’s somewhere to tell the calculator that something’s going to another planet and to calculate import and export taxes.

Not sure if the listing of ‘Trade Hubs’ is automatically generated or hand picked, but consider the SiCO Trade Center if it is the latter, as its rather large I’d say. 1,411 sell orders

Hi there,

the market hub list is auto-generated based on the public available data gathered via the API. And thus the mentioned Fortizar is also listed, currently as number 50.

You might need to change the number of rows displayed in the filters.

Did this answer your question?

Trade History on a Item

I am not sure if this is broken or it only updates in long periods. When I view the trade history of any item, the last pull was from the 3rd of this month.

My apologies is this is normal. :slight_smile:

Hi there,
no that is not normal. Unfortunately the cron job responsible for this was stuck since the 3rd. I noticed it only yesterday and corrected it. Thus new data should be captured again. Unfortunately the gap won’t be filled. :cry:

Thanks for pointing this out and sorry for the issue. :weary:

Will there be a Dark theme coming anytime soon…? At late times of the day the brightness can scorch the eyes