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@Ethan02 I am not a UI expert either, I do appreciate that the site has had a hell of a lot of work on it and gives a ton of info, i do find it complicated but i didnt want you to think I do not appreciate the work that has been involved.

After reading the article from @Rhivre on INN on the MER I really liked the comparison tables in there.

Thus I “borrowed” this and added it as a feature in the MER section of A4E. (Thanks Rhivre :innocent:)

MER metric comparison of two timeframes across all regions (link)

You selected two timeframes and a metric and the page compares the values of these timeframes against each other.

And this doesn’t need to be a single month. If you select several month, then the average across these months will be calculated and used in the comparison. And you can mix that, thus compare a timeframe to a single month (as seen in the screenshot above).

Of course you can select all the MER metrics that are provided by CCP in the regional stats.

As always, eager to get feedback or further suggestions. If you think that Adam4EVE is useful you can consider to support it via Patreon .

If found a bug in your reprocessing calculations:

When processing 100 Mercoxit it results in 15,000 Morphite instead of the correct 150.

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Good catch, it doesn’t seem to take into account that the batch size for the 300 returned Morphite at 100% is 100 and not 1.
Added as a bug and will look into it.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for all your work!

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