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Hm, good point. Added to the ToDo.


Quality of life update to the margin finder:

  • When logged-in with the same EVE character you’re also logged-in in the EVE client, you can now direcly open the EVE client market window with a click on the appropriate icon on the page. No copy&paste necessary anymore.

  • Since the server is struggling with the amount of data lately (again), the price information may be old. A new column now shows how old the price information is.

2020-12-15_06-51-29 2020-12-15_06-52-07

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If you didn’t get a EVE Partner skin from any of the other content creators, you can earn one from A4E if you report any non-trivial bug you encounter on A4E and which is not already reported in the BugTracker.

I’ve only just been introduced to A4E and I’ve read through everything here, and in particular your current stance around using EVE character logins and the data associated with it. I really respect it since things online in general can be quite invasive. One thing that is a constant around anything market-related are fees and taxes, which are impacted by skills and standings. Is there any plan for incorporating that information in order to automate expenses associated with producing and/or trading goods? I’ll admit that I’m a little uncertain if the community generally sees giving away access to skills/standings as being a bit too invasive or not. Skills, in particular, seem harmless and useful to include.

Due to the introduction of UI endpoints to ESI, allowing 3rd party sites to open ingame windows after login, I’ve already watered that stance down a bit. And I had several similar requests recently.

Thus after I’ve completed the re-platforming of A4E I am going to investigate how to offer a login, that still allows you the freedom not to login or not to grant specific accesses without missing out a lot, mainly only convenience. Promising nothing though.

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Perhaps a silly question but I’m new to EVE and thus new to trading and your website. I saw someone on Youtube use dark mode but for the life of me I can’t find that option anywhere. I’m old so that might explain it but could you point me in the right direction?

There is no “native” dark/light mode yet. Have started implementing it, but the current re-platforming has priority.
Most likely you’ve seen the use of

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Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll use that instead :slight_smile:

Thing is it looked kinda “official” so I assumed it was an account setting, you can see it happening here.

Ah, yeah @The_Oz is using the Darkreader as it is also useful for Google Sheets.

Thank you for a great website. It has a very intuitive user interface and visual representations - tables and graphs, turn the data into information very nicely.

I apologize if this has already been covered, but my question is: is there a way on the website to select internationalization options - e.g. select the use period for decimals and commas for thousands. Being a wimp from US, the EU number punctuation is throwing me off a bit. Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for making an awesome helpful site - and not running any annoying ads on it!

Btw - shoutout to the Oz community for introducing me to your website. I appreciate that you’re so active in there as well to help with bug reports/feedback etc.


Hi there, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.
Unfortunately there is no such option. I’ve used my native number format without considering the US format, since I didn’t expect a wide-spread usage. It is now not a simple task anymore since every single page would need to be adapted to use a user-selected format.

However I will keep this in mind for new features or pages I re-code and start to integrate the use of selectable number formats. Since this is not the first time this is mentioned. Thus with time more and more will have that option available. However don’t expect this soonish.

Thank you for reply and I appreciate the efforts to incorporate internalization options in the new features. Also if you need help, I could volunteer some development time.

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Very nice site, I just found. Kudos.

A Commodity Channel Index, a lower study, could be of use in Eve.

Thanks for the feedback.
Regarding your suggestion you’d need to explain this a bit more and show examples if possible. I don’t have an economical background.


This article will do a much better job than I will:

The value for MA, where shown in the article’s formula, could be tied to the “Select Average” drop down on your site.

There are many hundreds of different studies.

One that may be interesting is a modified Volume Profile Study. It is a “Side Study”. It looks at the volume and price level and builds a bar chart that “sits on it’s side”. It shows the volume at particular prices.

Here is an example:

A modification of this idea, that may be more useful for Eve, since we don’t get the same market data as in the real world, would be to build a Volume Profile of the Buy Orders and Sell Orders in the Eve market for a particular item. This way one could look at the chart and visualize the pending orders.

If you are looking for something particular, let me know and I can make some suggestions.

In the ‘Trade Volume Type’ page, particularly the Heimatar region, i’ve noticed a number of items lack entries within the data. It seems to change from time to time - last month “small salvage tackle II” was missing but today it’s available. Also a number of other items are missing from the list now, where last month they were available.
The ingame data shows the relevant markets to be active.
Why does this happen?

Edit - the site appears to have updated. I guess it must take a long time to sort the data. Thanks :smiley:

The site seems very unresponsive, trying to click on certain options from the drop down and it just doesnt load the page?

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Yeah, server scripts also were throwing warnings due to long runtime. Seems after 189 days a reboot was in order. Should hopefully fix the issue. Keeping an eye on it.

Thanks @Ethan02