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@Ethan02 getting this when tryign to access to site, not sure if you are aware


For the first time in 8 years of A4E I had a critical database issue that required a restore of a backup. This was however in DEV and I was indeed not aware (anymore) that PRD had a connect to that DEV instance and would be affected by the restore. Thank for reporting! :+1:

Should be all good again.

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All good :slight_smile:

@Ethan02 ssl cert has expired and the filter form on margin finder is not working.

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Fixed, thanks

Dear @Ethan02

thank you so much for hosting your project for us :raised_hands:

My feedback would be that certain input fields such as on the landing page itself or the market order page require a drop-down item to be selected, even when the commodity is inputted correctly, else the system defaults to a defaul item (PLEX) or no item at all. The workflow now goes as follows:

  • Enter Item
  • Select Item from dropdown list
  • Navigate to and click the rather tiny ‘Set filters’ button

The commodity details page however accepts a correctly written item without the need to click on the dropdown and ‘select commodity’ or ‘set filters’.

My feedback would be to have all input fields work that way: Input an item & press enter. That would also greatly increase productivity on mobile frontends since dropdowns aren’t too finger-friendly :wink:

Keep up the great work! :guardparrot:

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I would like to see log scale for long term charts and more aggregated data points, for example, weekly and monthly data points rather than just daily.

Also, a button for simple backdating to the ENTIRE time series start and end dates.

Hi there,
thanks for the feedback.

Most of the time I’ve been too lazy to implement the code to check if the entered text is a valid item upon submit. However I get your point and as you’ve pointed out, I have already coded it. Thus “just” a matter to hook it to other input fields.

Will keep it in mind during the currently re-coding. Feel free to hit me with a stick, if you see such an input field in DEV.

Again, greatful for the feedback!

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Log scale: Interesting thought. Would need to experiment with that. Not out of the question but not near future. Too full ToDo list.

Aggregated data: I am rolling around the idea in my head if i aggregated the data in the database after a certain time, just to save space and improve performance. However I’m really bad at throwing away data.
On the other hand on the presentation layer not displaying daily data but weekly if the selected timespan is large, would be rather easy. However it would take away the chance to zoom in on an interesting detail. Thus I’d need to implement a method that loads detailed data if zoomed in, which is more of a challenge (for me, since JavaScript fiddling). Therefore again, not on an immediate ToDo slot.

Button to select entire available time frame: Easy, will implement on DEV

Thanks for the suggestions! :sparkling_heart:

Hi! I want to say you VERYTHANK YOU for this!

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Just got my first good look at the site, very impressive in how deep the data is. This is where I finally found market data going back more than 12 months, and it was very informative, especially with the world having gone crazy the past two years. Thank you

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