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Hi @Ethan02 since a week or so I’m not able to access the site. I get a 403 permission denied error. Is the site gone for good? Would be a pity.

EDIT: looks like it’s only a Safari issue.

Are you using a Mac by chance?

I usually was accessing it with my iPad. Thanks, got it, can switch to Chrome.

I love this tool, it’s so helpful.

It would be so much more usable from a UX perspective if Type Category, Type Group and Market Group were somehow listboxes rather than autocomplete fields.

I get that they would be huge listboxes, but I feel like I spend the majority of my time in the app trying to figure out which field I should use and what value it’s looking for. It adds more confusion when Armor Rigs are listed as “Rig Armor” – there’s a certain amount of spelunking required to figure out how your names map to the market names, and there are some things that I’ve just never figured out how to do because of it.

Thanks for the feedback.
For Category a dropdown list might work however for Group the amount of options is far too extensive. If you look at A4E - Commodity IDs & names you’ll see the list of Groups and Categorys.

If you go to the price history page of a commodity at the top you can also see which category and group (apart from the market groups) it belongs to (e.g. A4E - Drone Coronary Unit - Market details)

If you or someone else has a good idea/example of how to offer a quick and simple selection of such a large group list, then I’m all ears.

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Hi, what is the URL for the dev site where they’re are additional features? Thanks for an excellent tool

Great thanks


i am a new Adam4EVE user. Is there a way to save/import/export filters for Market Orders between sessions?


Hi there,
not in a profile or such, however via URL parameters.
See the explanation in the help screenshot in the top-right:

Let me know, if this helps.

thank you, i’ll see if i can figure it out

edit: thank you! i got it working

edit2: okay, now its not working.

this is my url string.
h ttps://

the first time i used it, it worked fine. now it’s only returning
h ttps://

К сожалению цены постройки т2 кораблей считаются совсем неверно
выход переработки так же считает неверно(указано неверное количество выхода едениц после перработки)

From the translation software I understood that the remark was that the manufacturing calculation on A4E mainly for T2 is in-accurate.
That is entirely possible, since the code for this is very, very old. I have it on my ToDo to re-code and re-shape that with the evolved knowledge, however realisticly this won’t happen anytime soon.

Thus for accurate manufacturing calculations, please use one of the multiple industry tools.

Sorry, forgot to answer. As of yet only one parameter per type is possible. Thus you can only define one typeID and one region. Apparently didn’t expect multiple parameters to be used.
Did add that as a ToDo.

I’ve noticed that the Margin Finder and Market Trends pages are still calculating “average daily trades” and “average isk traded” stats. It is my understanding that this information was no longer accessible since CCP killed the market history endpoint.
Can you shed any light on how A4E calculates these figures?

I froze the update of that appropriate table and thus the listed values are from September 2022. You will notice, that they are not changing.
I had hoped that the ESI endpoint would be back sooner. And wanted to still give some reference on the market size, even if outdated.

Oh I see. It’s quite useful information, even if outdated.
Is this historical trade history data hosted, as an API or static files, anywhere on A4E?

On I currently have some yearly exports 2018-2021 available due to a request from the CSM (MarketCCPTradeHistory_*).

The questionaire from CCP regarding the market history endpoint suggests, that the new endpoint might only provide a limited view into the history. In that case I’d consider to dump daily CSVs for that data to provide an option for a larger history.

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Make one search box for all 3?… Especially considering they are not linked.

The latest monthly hub price history sql dump is empty.