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The station scope exports are “Work in Progress” as they are very resource intensive, since the database table is huge. Thus as of now I don’t offer any “Service Level” on station scope exports. :sunglasses:

Plan is to export the data to and not keep a full history on station level in the database. A4E rarely uses the station level data.

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Hi there, often when I use your site, mainly around the options under market the pages are so slow to update it is pretty much unusable, ive tried deleting cookies but same issue, is there an issue database end or anything I can do my end in order to get faster results? thanks

i am still having this issue? pages do not load at all now, ive tried different browsers and cleared cookies @Ethan02 can you offer any advise please

I am still unable to use this site, i select my options under market hub and nothig ever happens, has this site been abandoned? anyone else having issues?

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. This forum not having email notification is somewhat unnerving…

Do you still have that issue? Haven’t had any other reports of the same.
If so, could you please post the exact URL you are using and what behaviour you are experiencing?

Thank you

I have a similar experience: Some pages take a very long time to load, often over a minute.

For example, I’ve just attempted to curl
It immediately outputted the HTML until about <div id="body">, and then hung for an awfully long time (around 140 seconds) before outputting the data.

Well, for that page this is no wonder. It loads a lot of history for different metrics from the archive. And since that part of A4E is super-rarely accessed, I didn’t invest effort to reduce the 60-120s load time (depending on overall database load).
I assume it will get faster once this is available in the new distrubuted architecture, where the archive DB is a separate instance independent from the load on the live data DB.

Nevertheless the page loads albeit slow whereas @Giddy_McFee wrote that for him pages don’t load at all.

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HI @Ethan02 the pages now load (sometimes) but they are still incredibly slow to do so. Today i tried Market Hubs, choose a region and the only other thing I changed was average of 7 days, it took 1 minute 40 seconds to load.

@Ethan02 site is still incredibly slow, trying to open the market hubs sections, ive been waiting about 5 minutes so far and nothing has appeared. This site is unusable for me for the most part.

Is anyone else experiencing extreme performance issues when trying to use this site?

Sorry, was on summer vacation. If “only” the market hubs page is your concern, than I can confirm that. That page is very resource intensive, since it calculates effectively the whole universe upon request in order to provide the data displayed there. That page is slow and highly dependent on the overall server load.

When I port it to the DEV platform it will be pre-calculated. Thus not realtime but a lot faster. Up until then not a lot I can do about it.

Its really hard to use and unresponse, also outdated