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@Ethan02 is there a limit on the results shown under Marfin Finder? if there is a limit can there be a way to show all results?

On PRD yes, on DEV no:

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Thanks for the feedback. The four main trade hub regions should get refreshed at the same pace. The rest less frequently. And its server-based, thus nothing to do with your client.
What exactly were you looking at?

Hi @Ethan02 o/

I love A4E and i would just love to chip in one suggestion.
Would it be possible to add some kind of order activity tracking?
Im thinking of some tool that could calulate the total volume of orders and sales at any given time to show when the most busy times are.
Somthing similar to ‘Eve-offline’ but specific to the market.

Hi and thanks for the feedback.
For a singular item this exists in DEV: Adam4EVE<DEV>

Or do you mean for a whole market, thus on station or regional level?

Hey @Ethan02 ! Thanks for a great tool!

Just wondering is the BuyIph is broken on the manu_rank page or if I’m misunderstanding it ? The numbers never seem to equate to isk/hour, either directly to manual calc or relative to other items on the list. Can you let me know how this value is calculated?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there! Unfortunately, you haven’t updated this chart for a long time. Is it possible that you will restore its operation? I myself monitored the number of isks in the game and kept a sign based on CCP reports. You can take data from there if you want.

Hi @Ethan02! I’m getting 502’s on your dev site, is the site under maintenance? Hoping it comes back at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hard work!

Hi there,
thanks for the notification. Seems the reverse proxy got stuck without me noticing.
Should work now again.

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Unfortunately in PRD i need to manually import the MER CSV data files in order for the charts you mentioned to update.
In DEV I’ve already fully automated the download and import of the CSV files. However the frontend page hasn’t been migrated yet to the new platform. My focus is currently to get the backend migrated in order to reduce the costs of having two infrastructures in parrallel.

Thus to answer your question: Yes it will be restored, but its not top priority currently, since it won’t reduce the costs for running A4E. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the late reply.
“Buy IpH” is simply the “Buy ISK” profit divided by the hours needed to produce the item. Giving you the potential profit per hour. This is then an index that can be used to compare the items.

The underlying code is nearly a decade old. Thus not out of the question that it has gotten inaccurate.
A good place to compare is for example

However I just checked the A4E result to build a Prospect against EVE cookbook. Both the build duration as well as the build cost and thus profit are similar, thus the formulas used by A4E still seem to be valid.


First of all, your website is incredible, I use it alot. So thank you!

A question on your “Trade volume type” page. If I divide “Value of trades” by “Traded items”, shouldn’t I get the average price traded?

If you do this with PLEX (4.140T / 1.205.401), the average is 3.4m isk. This sounds wrong, given that PLEX price has stayed above 5m in the last 30 days.

Is there something I’m not understanding here?

That is a good question that I can’t answer off the top of my head. Your reasoning is correct. Since I created this years ago, I’m not sure what the reason is. Will take this as an opportunity to migrate this to DEV and find out, once I’m done containerizing the import scripts.

Ive been playing with the settings but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. If I put what that is below can you (@Ethan02) advise please.

For any given station or region i am looking for.

  • Any item that has had more than X number of orders in a given period (i normaly work on daily or weekly)
  • Plus a quantity sold of more than Y amount
  • Most of the orders fullfilled by sell orders

does A4E allow that kind of info,

I use the dev site, i see the < trades < which fullfils the 1st point (although what is the difference between < trades < and < trades ratio <?)

I can see a volume ratio option, tip says A4E tracker volume ratio to bess more than (or less than) would that cover point 2

if they do, i assume the 3rd question is covered by this section?

have i got this right?

  1. Orders, filled orders, trades or ISK traded? :innocent:
    I assume you mean the number of trades done per day, thus if there is velocity in that specific market. For this indeed the “trades” filter would help.
    The “trades ratio” filter allows you to only list items where the trades are specifically split between buy and sell orders.

  2. There actually is no filter for the specific volume of items traded, thus the quantity. However the “traded ISK” is the filter you are looking for. Thus take the quantity you are looking for and multiply it with the average ISK price of the commodity and set that in the “traded ISK” filter.

  3. That would cover either the “volume ratio” or “trade ratio” filters, depending if the individual trades or the traded volume is more of interest for your goal. Or both. :sweat_smile:

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, that the “A4E tracker” columns are estimations by comparing the orderbooks every 10 minutes and is not data provided by CCP. Thus the accuracy differs depending on the trade velocity of each commodity. E.g. for PLEX, which is traded very fast, a lot of trades are not registered since they happen within the 10 minute window. But better than nothing.

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Thank you

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