Discrepancy in some MERs

Mining value for 2012-06 (MER):

22,515,853,698,875‬.00 ISK (sum of all days, global, ProducedDestroyedMined)
26,699,790,985,779.70 ISK (sum of all K-space, monthly, RegionalStats)
-4,183,937,286,904.70‬ ISK discrepancy? J-space putting 4T ISK back into the roids?

Mining value 2019-11 (as “control”):

33,054,513,575,489.10 ISK (sum of days, global, ProducedDestroyedMined)
31,929,622,959,260.80 ISK (sum of K-space, monthly, RegionalStats)
1,124,890,616,228.30 ISK in J-space then?

Am I right in assuming both the Jun-2012 and Nov-2019 RegionalStats.csv data represent the same 30 day period as listed in ProducedDestroyedMined.csv? Am I right in assuming J-space is the remainder of mining value on Nov-2019? If I’m right twice, then how do we explain the Jun-2012 mining data?

Market manipulation? Bad data? If it’s bad data, I need to know, as I’m working on an app.

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