Updated Monthly Economic Report - December 2021

o7 Econ experts!

The updated MER for Decemeber 2021 is here! The Economic teams & our data scientists have corrected the issues present in the November and Decemeber MER as it pertains to mining values. In so doing, they’ve also added eight new graphs to better deliver and visualize the information.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding, these additional graphs will continue to be made for upcoming Economic Reports.

As always, the raw data can be downloaded here


“404 Not Found” error message for me too.

(grins, unless the updated MER is that 404 units were lost as residue… :slight_smile: )

May take a few moments to update, but I assure you that it is there.

404 personal wealth not found.

I thought trolling was not allowed? Every month, Eve’s poorest get trolled by CCP.

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Nice to see some more Pochven representation, just need to get it added to the other metrics and we are good to go, many thanks Swift :slight_smile:

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High sec still the most dangerous space, but reward/risk ratio is skeved in favor of null and pochven… :thinking:

Please add category for corporate reward payout (edencom)

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Larrikin

And for payout for running flashpoints in pochven and in high sec.

On that Wardec podcast, Rattati and Swift said that the Mined Ore volume had increased a lot since the end of scarcity

I must be missing something. With the residue and the flat curve, we are mining less now.

Another fun thing to know would be how much gas is actually used for Rattatti’s baby, the capital and BS components. An actual review of how successful this project is.

And there’s still no lightbox to view the pictures without having to use Return To Previous page…



Is it the most dangerous space per ship in space though?

It is only expected that there will be more ‘accidents’ in parts of space where there are simply way more ships in space. High amount of destruction is not equal to danger, you will have to divide amount of destruction by amount of ships in space first to make a fair comparison. And even then the difference in game mechanics (in high sec two sides lose ships when a gank happens, rather than one) means the amount of danger can still be skewed.


The payout for Flashpoints is there already. Its not separated into Pochven vs HS but it is there.
Corporate Reward Payouts (Triglavian Invasion) on the Top 10 Sink/Faucets Over Time

Maybe if null is empty, then there is not enough dangers there, because players are the dangers…

Its like a great wilderness, where not many people go and its underdeveloped because not many people go there. But why people dont go there? Because you need many accounts to stay competitive there, because not enough people go there…

So, first hot-take: I like the new graphs. More to come once we’ve actually looked at them for a bit.


Thank you for the updated data :hearts:

If I may ask, about the raw kill_dump data file, what are ‘iskLost’ and ‘iskDestroyed’ columns exactly? Is sum of those total isk destruction value ?

Also question for anyone who can give advice, how can I format numbers in those columns to get them in billions or trillions? (excel, google sheet, power bi or any app is fine)

Thanks in advance

This whole ‘highsec is more dangerous than null’ thing gets trotted out a lot, and it’s usually used (as it is here) as some kind of ‘that’s so wrong!’ objection. Unfortunately, that’s facile and shows a misunderstanding of structural causes. In this case, poth parts of this leave out significant factors:

Highsec is where the clueless are left adrift and alone.

Highsec’s where the solo players are. It’s where people who haven’t hooked up with a group stay (for the most part), and where those isolated loners learn things on their own. As a result, they’re the sector of the EVE population with the lowest general level of engagement and the least tutoring in surviving the hazards of New Eden.

In null, and to a lesser degree in lowsec, you’re never really alone. You can choose to do stuff by yourself, but nobody who lasts any noticeable amount of time in these regions of space does it without having a support network to help them learn the ropes and lean how to survive. Even the guys out there who are truly solo, for whatever reason, weren’t always, and had the benefit of other people able to pass on hard-learned lessons and tricks for surviving.

And yes, sorry, that matters. When you’ve got people who can help you avoid mistakes, you’re safer. When you have a support network that can help keep mistakes from being fatal, you’re safer. 10 lone wolves are less likely to survive than a functioning pack of 10 wolves.

Highsec is where you don’t know who people are, and you can’t do anything about them.

In highsec, everyone has unrestricted access to everywhere. It’s impossible to say ‘is this person friendly or not?’ unless you adopt the nullsec attitude of ‘If it’s not a known blue, it’s a hostile’, commonly encapsulated in the NBSI philosophy. However, you can’t proactively defend yourself: if people you don’t know are friendly show up… you have to wait for them to shoot, or run away. You can’t try to scare them off, because shooting first means CONCORDOKKEN. And if they are there to kill you… well, by the time you start to run away, they’ve probably already taken their shot, and you’re dead.

Taken together, these things make a huge difference, and SHOULD BE EXPECTED TO.

So you have an environment where threats can get close to you without detection, populated in large degree by people who don’t have the benefit of tutoring in ‘how to not die in EVE Online’, who literally cannot take steps to defend themselves.

Even if you’re part of an organized group in highsec, you can’t keep hostiles out of the places where you go missioning or mining. You can’t form up a fleet to go and kill that roaming band of gankers who are still in an NPC corp specifically to avoid you being able to ID them as threats. You’re just screwed… unless you want to dock up as soon as anyone you don’t know enters the system… which isn’t what you’d call… ‘fun’.

‘Safety’ in nullsec doesn’t just ‘happen’. It takes work. It takes work on the individual level: Learning how to stay safe, following best practices, getting into defense fleets to help other people out, etc etc. And it takes work on the group level: you have to build an organization that can secure its space, and you have to keep that organization motivated and functioning. Lessons have to be passed along. People need to be given access to the tools to keep themselves relatively safe. And they need to be prodded into helping one another out, because human beings are, like everything else in nature, prone to the path of least resistance.

But the thing is… that work gets done. And the more you do the work, the easier it is to keep doing the work. If you stop doing that work, if you open up the access and introduce the elements that make highsec so dangerous: allow anyone in and don’t have built-in ways to educate your people… you get Providence, where it was not safe, and people lost a lot more per resident than they did in other parts of null, until Provibloc got kicked out and NRDS suspended.

So, is highsec ‘more dangerous’ than nullsec? Yes, but it’s crucial to understand why. Part of the reason is because a large chunk of the people living there don’t know how to not be sitting ducks. Part of it is because CCP doesn’t let you protect yourself in highsec until you’ve already been shot. And part of it is because even to the extent that defense is possible, people just don’t do it.

Ten years ago, I was in a mining corp in Caldari highsec. Whenever we went mining, we had people there in combat ships flying CAP. Or CSP, I suppose, Combat Space Patrol. Mostly they were there to deal with rats faster, or they were alts that didn’t have mining skills, but occassionally, wardec pirates would try to screw with us, so we had defensive tools in place. How often do you really see that, though? How often do you see orca fleets in highsec actively spider-tanking, just to give themselves the few seconds it takes CONCORD to arrive and start trashing Tornados and Catalysts?

Some of the reasons highsec is ‘more dangerous’ are systemic. Mostly, though, it’s because highsec’s full of people who don’t know, and don’t care, about not dying. The ones who care, learn, and then they stop dying.


I can assure you that many well organized people play together in high sec, despite not having much time, and rarely.

Highsec is where you don’t know who people are, and you can’t do anything about them.

You have to know who is who anyway, and you still can do things, cooperate or spy or steal or destroy.

Null sec is not some kind of unicorn and elitism is strongly engrained in players playing there, but there is only one true thing about all those players, they get milked by CCP, if they are aware on not.


Yes, they do. However, you’ll also find the absolute largest percentage of disorganized and solo players there.

No, you don’t. You don’t have to know who anyone is to play in highsec. You can get away with paying no attention to anyone else for years on end. Hell, I bet most people in highsec don’t even know how to make their local channel display standings in the member list.

Don’t take anything I said as elitism. Nullsec has a fair number of the dumbest people in EVE. They’re just dumb people with a good support net. :wink:

As for being milked… I dunno, a lot of us haven’t payed a cent in years, so… :shrug:


@CCP_Swift Appreciated. Thank you.

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When did that “scarcity” end?? I thought they doubled something and halved it in one go.

And oh look, mining value increased by 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% so it’s almost a value that is positive or something.

They better start removing minerals from all spaces until many space violence is done with the no ships that cannot be build without stuff.

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