EVETrade V7.1 Released - Player Structures Included

Hey all,

As the lead developer at EVETrade.space, I am happy to announce that I have just put out version 7.1

It includes the ability to find hauling routes between player and NPC stations. This also includes the ability for users to now find profitable station trading opportunities in those player stations as well.

Since version 7.0 the system has seen an overhaul in its architecture. Moving away from a local single page application to an entirely serverless implementation.

I’d like to thank the EVE ESI team for providing a great backbone to help support this system, and big thanks to the community for their countless feedback submissions to get us to this point!

For more details on the app and what is to come:

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Thank you for developing this excellent tool! Thanks to it, I can enjoy trading and hauling goods in EvE, while benefiting at the same time. I’m sure many other players also benefit from it.

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