Market Helper Program

So, I plan on writing a program that will watch predetermined stations that I’ll be stocking with various items… I want it to watch quantity for me so I know when I need to restock, as well as determine the minimum price to sell at to make a profit when figuring in jump fuel etc.

It also would of course tell me when I was undercut in price and whatnot.

I had something very similar in Excel back when API was used but I never adapted it to ESI or to Citadels…

I know PHP pretty well but am always willing to learn new languages if I go a different route.

My first spreadsheet was probably too much to handle for excel as it struggled so I am guessing since I am starting from scratch I should probably avoid Excel or Google sheets for that matter so I guess the question is …

Can ESI do what I want? from what little Ive seen it has mostly the same functionality of API if not more so I’m guessing the answer is yes… and if Yes, what language would you guys recommend for what I want?

I was partly considering PHP cause, I know php, and also I may be able to get it setup on a website so other people could use it too, if I choose to share it ofc :slight_smile:

Anyway, Thanks

ESI should be able to do that. Pulling the orders for specific items at specific stations is pretty straightforward.

And PHP should work just fine: the ESI returns JSON, so it works with most server-side languages. I use PHP for my market apps.

One of my apps pulls prices for various things at Jita 4-4, and I have a screen that compares it to my current orders and tells me if I’m being outbid. Which sounds pretty similar to what you have in mind.

One thing to be aware of when using ESI is the caching. Character orders, for example, are cached for 60 minutes. Which makes a “you’re being outbid” notifier less useful than you might think, if you’re updating prices frequently.

Check this Eve Market Watch - Notifications for the lazy importer
That might well fit what you need

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I’ll check that program it looks like it offers some of what I want anyway so I’ll take a look at it for ideas if nothing else.

Definitly need to take a good look at SSO and such how it works now, when I write it, if I want to allow other people to use it as well I’ll need to get a good handle on everything CCP changed in the last few years.

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