Eve Trade Master - web based a web based profit tracker, trading and asset manager tool for Eve Online

(Nick Starkey) #1

Main features:

  • tracks everything you buy and sell and calculates profits made (even if you buy and sell things over different characters)
  • calculates taxes based on character standings
  • calculates statistics for your best items, best time zones, fastest sellers and what’s causing losses, etc (email reporting is also available)
  • can plot your overall progress, asset distribution and wealth acquisition with several charts
  • can check your market orders in real-time using CREST to see if they have been outbid or not
  • displays everything you need to know from transactions, contracts, asset distribution and evaluation
  • can simulate trades between different stations or regions, taking your standings and character skills into account using live CREST data
  • can create stock lists up to 100 items, simulate profits with the above method and display best margins, best profit/m3, etc
  • updates your data daily even if you don’t login (for e-mail reports and more accurate net-worth evolution charts)
  • can set custom broker fees for citadels of your choosing until ccp gives us proper crest support
  • browse the market in real time trough all regions in New Eden, including all regions at the same time
  • new! Keep track of every item’s history overtime.

In the works:

    1. migration to ESI API
    1. stock alert and various other real-time notifications on your browser and phone
    1. corporation wallet support (waiting for ESI endpoints to become available)


(Svetlana Moscovich) #2

I notice you take paypal donations. Do you also take isk donations?

(Pindi buoy) #3


I cant put citadels in the trade routes, is it a bug?


(NanoCore) #4

I notices that in the daily emails, the Citadel where 95% of my items are listed doesn’t show up under stations but the Citadel where I have a minimal share of items stocked shows up just fine. What’s going on here. Both structures are free ported.

(system) #5

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