Tracking sales orders


I am currently skilling up a trading alt. But i have found that the more orders i have the harder it is to work out which sales orders have finished as all items have been sold.

How do people do this when they have 305 potential market orders

Is there a trick in game that im missing.

Something like a market order thats finished but still on the system. ie 0/50

There are probably many different ways to do this but a few might be:

  1. You could use an out of game tool like the Eve-Mogul website that is API linked to manage stuff and give you reports. I use Mogul but I don’t do much with the reports as I use more ad hoc in game methods, see below.

  2. You could use a system where you set up buys, get stock, set up sells. When a buy order has been completely filled you will have a stack of items to sell so you can use that to remind you to set up a new buy order before you create the sell order.

  3. A better in game method would be to set up your quickbar, create folders to sort stuff by whatever way you like, then you can just click your way through it and look at the market for your buys and sells and create new orders as required. It’s fast and efficient and the only drawback is maybe that you need to maintain it removing stuff that you no longer sell and adding new items but this is probably not a big deal. This is my preferred method.

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