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I made a thing last night to help updating outbid market orders. Still needs some more work to allow private structure markets to function, but it works with public ones.

Video in action:
Available at

Testers would be appreciated. I write these tools for my own needs, but I will try to adapt them if you have other needs.

Currently lists all your orders and highlights if they are outbid in the station or region (both buy and sell orders) across all registered characters.

Opens the market in game on that character and copies the best price to clipboard when you click the icon beside the row.

Just to answer common questions from the reddit post; this is not bottling and it is legal. The website uses ESI API to open the in game market.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

This kind of stuff should be illegal, just like NEAR2.

(EveDataRules) #3

You do realise that this ability has been part of the game for over a decade? Just things keep changing. :slight_smile:

(Christy Cloud) #4

This kind of stuff should be illegal, just like NEAR2.

(Thorfalahnur Kamydes) #5

The tool doesn’t work for buy orders, works good for sell orders.

(EveDataRules) #6

Interesting, I’ll take a look.

(Thorfalahnur Kamydes) #7

Another problem, the order’s prices don’t update very often, a refresh (get prices now) would be good.

(EveDataRules) #8

It’s limited by cache timers. Orders by 20 minutes and market by 5 minutes.

(Thorfalahnur Kamydes) #9

Then it’s not very usefull if you just found out someone outbid you, you’d have to wait 20 mins for the order to update (no point in having the tool then).

You could implement something like a refresh (get prices now) button as a premium feature (100 mil isk per month price?)

Another visual optimisation: put lines between the items/orders (gridlines) and separate the orders in 2 tables (the “Sell orders/Buy orders” button is annoying). Something like a “how much do i lose/gain if i modify the price” thing/column would be usefull too.

(EveDataRules) #10

To you.

I’m not going to break the dev agreement and cheat cache timers. There may be an option with copy and pasting orders in; but any other tool has this same problem.

I can probably do this also, just have to finish something else up first.

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