Order notifications

(Jita Sittin) #1

I cannot get evernus to work after 2 weeks of back and forth with the dev on it. Evetrademaster doesnt have fulfilled orders. How can i at the very least keep track of fullfilled market orders. I have a few hundred orders up so without a way to see whats filled i cannot keep track of all of it in any manner thats efficient.

(voetius) #2

I still use a somewhat low-tech way of tracking buys. On the market quickbar I have folders set up for the different categories of things that I often trade in.

Tracking whether I want to set up a new buy order is a simple and very quick process of just clicking through a list of items and seeing if there is a blue buy order.

(Jita Sittin) #3

Issue i have is i have one toon in jita that buys, then i have 2 toons in a citadel that sell. There is no way for me to do it that way especially with one of the sellers and the buyer being on the same account.