Getting lost keeping track of market orders - seeking methods/SW

Between the hundreds of buy and sell orders its easy for me to lose track of orders that were filled and need to be refreshed. Also would be nice if there was a way to review trading history for statistical reasons but I haven’t found a way to do that.

Pls spam me with your methods or 3rd party software you use to keep on top of your buy/sell orders.

Use a spreadsheet to track your order points.
Sort your transactions by date.
For stats, that’s up to you (spreadsheets).


To remind you of orders that have been filled up, use the Market Quickbar. It’s a powerful tool where you can organise all your trade into neat folders. You can have folders with items you are not even trading in now, but might want to later.

Agree this is the best method , I only manage 50 orders but you can create folder with meaning name in order to better follow "your best orders " for instance .

Regroup them by priorities , by categories , even by kind of investment ( long , middle , short terms), by order of action etc…

The drawback :

  • you need to have already an active portfolio ( you know already what to buy and what to sell )
  • often after a “not so good” patch , you are complelled to recreate them .

I don’t like to rely on an external soft to manage my order, It just make it more tedious .

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damn near perfect, exactly what i was looking for, much appreciated

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