Market Order Tracker?

(Jitason McJitason) #1

I’m wondering if there are any public apps or programs that would allow me to see which orders do not meet specified values.

For example I would like to produce 10000 missiles and put them on market. Then I want to be alerted when I have less than 2000 missiles left on that order. Keeping track myself is easy when its only a half dozen to a dozen orders but much over that and I’m starting to forget/miss things. The biggest issue is when an order runs out its just gone instead of showing 0/10000. I would like to be able to go down a list of items and get them on the market but not forget to replace sold goods. If something could keep track of which orders I’m missing from a list of orders I specify that would be really handy.

(Zad Murrard) #2

Spreadsheets do that for you. You can have color coding indicating different status of the orders. Ie. going from red to green as the order goes from 100% to 0%. Then it’s really easy visually to see what you have do.

(Jitason McJitason) #3

In that case is there any public spread sheets?

(Krysenth) #4

evernus tracks fulfillment status of orders as well.

(Maimai Yuan) #5

You can use the Stockpile feature of jEveAssets. Works like a charm for me.

Once you’ve set up the API etc. do this:

Select from Menu: Tools > Inventory > Stockpile
click New Stockpile
add Station/System/Region of your choice (e.g. Jita)
tick Include > Orders:Selling
click the new button Stockpile > Add Item (repeat this for all items of interest)
edit the value in the Target column (e.g. 2000 in your missiles)

After updating, the colums Surplus and Surplus % are the interesting ones. The row will also change from green to red when the open sell order amount drops below the Target value. Double click on the Surplus column header will sort.

(Jitason McJitason) #6

Wow, this sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! thank you so much