Botting Resources Thread - Everyone deserves 3 bil an hour!

In this thread we will discuss resources and steps to take in order to be able to properly bot. It is now common knowledge that botting is now allowed in-game, so what you, the poor player, needs to do, is jump on the botting bandwagon.

Soon we will all be making 1-3 billion ISK per hour without even being present at our PCs!


IBTL :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t know what’s more annoying, bots or multiboxers. We’ve got this one guy in our system that single-handedly wipes out the ice anom every single day, every iteration, with an Orca, freighter, and 12 to 14 skiffs. The only way I can keep him from doing it is to keep his orca and freighter perma-bumped until he gives up and logs out.


I thought of having someone make me an anti-botting bot. We have almost evolved into programming-wars, it seems…


My friend, let’s say for one sec, everyone had a billion trillion ISK, now what, if everyone had every item, every ship, every thing this game has a hundred times over, will this make players happy, ask the wealthy who still use drugs, commit suicide, etc.

Player A is unhappy because player B has this or that, or plays this way or that way, for one moment think, why are humans such unhappy creatures, nothing satisfies, nothing is cherished, all we do to each other is drag each other to the unhappy place where it is all too human, but what is the point, humans don’t seem to hear either.


It’s not a matter of ISK, it’s a matter of time. Why should I have to put up with a player putting in zero effort and time to gain billions when I have to take time out of my day to actually physically sit and play and earn what I can?


Because the point is to have your fun and not worry about others, you can’t enjoy yourself if your worried about everyone else, if you can’t understand or let it go you will always be unhappy, these are pixels 1’s and 0’s.


At first I gave a chuckle to your post,which slowly turned to a frown. A plethora of thoughts between the two in the blink of my eyes. In the moment of moments,we became apes.

Zarathustra’s shadow had longer legs than he.


In a competitive game??
Or are you talking about games other than EvE?

–Slightly Confused Gadget


Life is competitive enough, when I come to eve I guess I’m not looking to get into the mosh pit I am looking to just lose myself in the activities of PVE, the world bashes me enough not to need to fight over space pixels.

Nobody can be mad when the listen to the bath salt zombies

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I actually like them. Catchy, not overly produced. Good find sir.

Please send C.O.D.E. a list of names that you think are botters. I’m sure they will give these players a warm welcome.

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So EVE is turning into one of those mobile clicker games then?

Yes and how did you see through my shallow,smokescreen use of literary analogy with such ease? Perhaps had I chosen such as a Dithyrambe it would have been obscured in a better fashion. I could have danced to it and made it fun too.

Could it be that your knowledge,overall has as much depth as your characters age? Anyway I’ll stop before I digress. Wait…

The ones we talk about are in nullsec- I doubt CODE will go out there


highsec has them in abundance as well, this is a global problem. let’s FOR ONCE don’t go that route, okay?

Thanks, my bothating mate!

Neither amount of money or chemical intoxication are measurements of happiness.

Damn 8 hours and its still up.

Guess CCP really IS ok with botting then.

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  • Or is aware of the non-serious comical nature of this thread (less likely)
  • Or doesn’t really pay as close attention to the forums as they should (more likely)


Call code, or gank his freighter. Turn his loss into your gain.