Blockchain and decentralization idea/experiment

Hi everyone, my first post here. I have started playing solo in 2015, and I am finally back.

True story, I loved being a trader on EVE, and I ended up learning so much that trading has become my profession.

Anyways, I have read only a couple of topics about crypto and blockchain here, and I have not searched very well to be honest (lazy), but I would like to share this thought I had when I was high, listening to some nice music, meditating on a warm and cozy bathtub.

Again, just a little brain dump, so for the ones that think that everything is a troll, that is not my intention whatsoever (I own enough crypto already, do not need more).

So, how about if CCP created a closed token (governed by CCP owned smart contracts), which only real paying players would have access to? That could be done in any of the big blockchain platforms.

Every player could have 1 unique blockchain address (that initially could be owned by CCP as well), and all the belongings of this player, items, ships, cash, could be tokenized, and the economics engine of the game could be migrated to this platform. Only CCP would be able to fund those tokens.

If done with caution and with the proper thinking (being honest, I know enough of blockchain to be dangerous only, not my expertise), that could be a first phase of migration to a more robust and decentralized economy.

This would not only bring more players with real interest in the game but could allow for some interesting developments by the communities on how all these assets could be managed.

I am not sure what the arguments are for not moving ahead with some type of decentralization, I just saw a couple of topics where people blamed the person posting as trolls, however that is a very interesting discussion that I believe should happen within the community and developers (real debate).

Having a decentralized, however controlled environment, could be seen as an experiment. If that does not work for the intended purposes, at least the market engine could evolve a bit using these new techs, smart contracts, etc.

If the experiment work, then more advanced smart contracts, less centralized controls, etc., could be seen as future phases of the project.

Sorry, I hope this does not become an unhealthy discussion, if so, please lock the topic or I will delete it if I can (first time using the forums too). LOL.

Thank you everyone, this is by far the best game even made (in all aspects), I hope it only grows more from here.

Decentralized but only made available by CCP? I am not sure that this is what decentralization means.


As I said, that could be a first phase.

Another comment, I said that the decentralized “platform” could be used, the idea was not to create another economy outside of the game.

I am not sure about the cost of servers and infrastructure, but that could as well be used as the means to simplify the internal architecture and cut costs.

To what end is all this?
What is the purpose you’re trying to fulfill? Be able to trade your in-game items for RW money?

  • What does it mean to fund a token?
  • What is a “decentralized economy,” and how would that differ from what we have now?
  • Are you advocating that CCP stop managing Eve’s economy, and take a hands off approach?
  • What is a “market engine?”
  • How would putting things on a blockchain make the economy more “robust?”
  • What kind of players do you think this change would attract (i.e. people genuinely interested in playing Eve, or RMT / P2E players)?
  • You mention smart contracts. Do you really think it’s a good idea to give players the ability to execute code within the game?
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I have the same question.

Go RMT somewhere else.

Not really.
I just think web3.0 and digital ownership is the future and this would be an inevitable end.
Anyways, I got the message loud and clear.

Yep, very good questions.
I guess it was a mistake to create this topic.

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