Future Direction of EVE

  • Continue in the PvP Sandbox Market
  • Change and Compete in the PvE MMO Market
  • Other, Please Post

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…and Why?

Lame, someone could not face the issue so they hide the post…

So how many alts will Naari, Balos and LSG log on, you think?


both aspects is what makes eve enjoyable depending on the individual. Both should be expanded upon and new content should be added in. Not changed content. I want my rifter to do 25% more damage, not fire 25% faster. New features, ideas, ships, etc., would be more ideal. Bubbles for example discourage people from entering null, but they have been in the game and used so they should remain unchanged, however, you could add a low slot module that grants immunity to them but provides no protection against points with draw backs that uses a lot of cpu.

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Why? Why not?

Probably him that hid the post.

The thing is you can only go so far with PvE content, especially instanced content, without undermining the sandbox economy, so both is not really realistic, that is why I didn’t make it a selection.


Instanced content is cancer and I’m surprised they allowed it with those filaments.


No argument from me there.

Other: disallow stupid polls in the Eve forums.

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:red_circle: PVP. That does not rule out PVE. PVE is, after all, responsible for all of PVP in EVE.

What the hell is this dumb pie chart? Who the hell came up with a chart that you have to scroll to fully see? @CCP_Avalon


The unlimited farming that goes on in the “Modern PvE MMOs” that people sometimes claim EVE should become undermines the Sandbox Economy.

The two cannot coexist.


:red_circle: True, but even unlimited farmable PVE can be part of the sandbox economy if proper counter measures and risk factors. You could also introduce PVE that is not as easily farmable. EVE offers so many possibilities to do just that. All it needs are developers that actually care and are allowed to develop properly.

starts wheezing of laugher :joy:

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…or… instead of coming up with shitty ideas to fix an already solved problem, why not just use the solution that is already available?

Interdiction Nullification. T3Cs and half of the Interceptors have this. If you don’t have skills for that, the Yacht does as well.


Right but that is not a change of direction. The question is not should there be PvE.

Apparently not that many, for now.

Eve basically has 2 interdependent simulations - military and economic. Both have PVP aspects if you define PVP as interaction with other players. Even activities most would regard as pure player vs environment can be interrupted by non-consensual PVP and the value of your loot is determined by the market.

Eve is a PVP sandbox. Always has been and likely always will be.


If some get their way the future of Eve is group hugs and safe spaces.


The PvE content and the industrial content we have now are already unlimited farming tho…

This game is already far more PVE-friendly than it was when I originally started out in 2012. And according to people at the time, the game in 2012 was far more PVE-friendly than it was in 2003.

Considering that the PVE combat in EVE is pretty objectively terrible, I think that’s amazing. No I don’t think that EVE should now try to be WoW in Space. EVE fills a much-needed niche.