CCP plans to remove PvP from HS

You’d think right? Just watch. The Dev-Blog makes it quite clear that they’re caving again. They even discuss rolling back some of the nerfs to PvE they made this year.

Rolling back nerfs was always part of the original plan if I remember correctly, but that’s a good thing for pvp too. More satisfied PVE community provides more people in space, providing more targets. So any buff to PVE isn’t a negative for PVP.

But CCP have also been pretty clear for almost the entire existence of the game that things must be destroyable. That’s become even more so in recent years, especially in highsec.

They aren’t going to make a 100% pvp-free highsec.


ROFL. What a wild and way off interpretation of what the dev blog says and means. Well done, OP, this is going to make stronger whatever point you try to make on these forums now and in the foreseeable future. Now you just have to keep making more threads to insist about this so everybody starts taking it seriously… :rofl:


Hard to tell from their blurbs. It would be a bit crazy if they did. Most I can see getting out of that (rationally speaking) is that empire navy forces and maybe sentry guns will start being a little harsher on pilots with bad standings. Of course its entirely possible that nobody in command speaks Rational.

I’d guess this would mean more time spent repairing standings, which means less time PvPing, which is still bad but not the same as moving all PvP out of high sec. Of course, it’s debatable whether what occurs in high sec can be called “PvP” anyway. More like the daily seal-hunt, really.


Hard to know for sure, but to me, that sounds like they’re talking about Empires starting to attack pilots that have standings below 5 with their Empire. E.g., if you standing with Minmatar is -5.1 then Minmatar ships patrolling gates fire on you.

If so, I think that might be kind of cool.

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i hope they don’t implement any moving impediment based on standing because

  1. standing system suck
  2. this is the equivalent of splitting the community and this never goes well because , splits the community
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Surely FW would receive the honour they are due.

Like recognition from the state.

Better food and wank mags, that sort of thing.


Do that, and only @DeMichael_Crimson will be able to go anywhere. :rofl:


Haha it was an idea, but probably a terrible one xD
It would work out badly for me if it did go in lol:

I have a feeling Michael prob has high standings in all 4 high sec factions.

Even restricting outlaws from NPC stations would be a bad idea in my book.

I personally would love to see lots of little “village’s” so to speak, to me its weird having 4 factions that are at war with each other but are completely fine with people in their space that support their enemies.

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But but mah immershiv lorrrre

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Hey Immersion is good for games for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: as long as it doesn’t come as a massive cost to game play.

Im more kinda saying it doesnt really exist in EvE cos its paper thin but theres always someone whose gonna act like its Citizen Kane or something even though it has zero impact on players.


What a heap of poopoo this is. Basically because the NPCs are taking over the same role and nobody even notices from those “empires”.

everyone has a different metric to success - it’s supposed to be a sandbox and CCP won’t stop f****ing with it


Would rather they just develop a few more tools for players to deal with them, For example, imagine a slightly smaller deep space with a bonus for small guns, sort of like an Eve Version of an East India merchant ship and one capable of alpha cata blaster boats etc.

Current CCP design methodology makes me question the idea that CCP would want to get rid of PvP in high-sec outright, although four or five years ago I would’ve agreed 100% if I saw something like that written by them.

If they were getting rid of PvP in high-sec, it would have to be accompanied by the complete evisceration of all NPC-driven high-sec money-making opportunities, which they (currently) wouldn’t be able to get away with without a few of their developers’ corpses winding up floating in the Atlantic Ocean (also kind of applies to null-sec - they’re really testing the waters with some of the recent changes).

Yes, I do literally think that at least a few EVE players would make actual, physical attempts on CCP employees’ lives if the grind were to be somehow endangered. The rabbit hole goes too deep at this point.


Knowing the strange way gamers think, I am surprised this has not already happened?

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Probably because until very recently, all of the changes EVE received were in favor of the grind, and not against it.

Does anyone here really think CCP inboxes didn’t receive at least a few death threats after blackout?