Ban warp disruption in high sec

Warp disruption should not be possible in high sec except when NPC pirates does it toward players or if the system has corruption

Easier said than done

First they should ban posters of senseless threads on the forums.



We can add criminal status to the list too…

Undocking in any armed ship should be banned in Highsec entirely. It’s a potential danger for other players, so only Mining and Hauling should be allowed here. If someone wants to shoot, he can go to low, null or WH space! -_-


^ Good one…

This one made me crack up :)))

Syz has a good point.

If we are going to make high sec “safe space” we should make sure that all the characters are put into protected pillow lined bubbles, so that they cannot hurt each other or themselves.

But then, that would mean all the combat missions would have to be moved to low sec.

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And whenever you want to go from Hisec to low or null, you will be forced to enter “naked”. Fun times.
And what happens the other way around?

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Let’s just remove ganking from hisec altogether. No more red safety.

In exchange every single hisec system below 0.8 should have a permanent unkillable FOB in it with at least three roaming diamond combat fleets (which also visit gates, stations and structures and even players in deadspace pockets not just belts) and five diamond mining fleets with their corresponding response fleets.



Looking at some km’s some ganks don’t even need the point. Alpha is clearing the kill anyway lol.

Some victims…don’t even see they aren’t even tackled. I won’t lie, one time in a FW site I assumed for a few seconds I was tackled. When is not one pointed by a solo kiki lol.

I looked down and said oh not tackled. I got the ship out but felt stupid as hell about it. Live and learn.

and then ban warping in HS ! yeah … maybe thats the way you can create a disruption ban :wink:

Posters like these are the reason why EVE should never grow into a big game and incorporate unsuitable player types.

Why should players be allowed to warp disrupt each other in high security space that is not corrupted?

Because thats the way it always has been.

If anything CONCORD should be banned. There should be 0 difference between high, low and null space.

Wes, Wes, Wesfahrn…
You really are a terrible troll.

The association of asteroids and other celestial bodies would like to lodge a complaint: regarding the mass slaughter and slavery of their kin. To give these reprehensible people who call themselves “miners and haulers” a special status of protection is unthinkable.

good luck with that pipedream.

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Because of war declaration.

Lore wise, they are one of the shadiest, most corrupt organizations out there.

Down with CONCORD, retract the Yulai accords!

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No worries, the local pirates aka Blood Raiders, Guristas etc. will notice very quickly that Capsuleer ships are unarmed now and will rise their presence in no time to a degree that they can protect all those asteroids and other celestial bodies.