Invasion shredded my ship


after a long time of just popping into the game to train my char and do a cpl. T1 missions before leaving again I decided to start playing this and planned on getting me a fancy 1 year supbscription.
At some point I decided to get a bit daring and went to a lowsec system and guess what ? Of course some assholes hunted me down and killed me. My hard earned Gnosis was gone. So I bought me a second. After going through all the trouble outfitting it I learned from my lesson and stayed in highsec.
Eventually I finished a mission and tried to warp back to station and got surprised by some invasion ■■■■ that, again, shredded my Gnosis within seconds. I reacted immediately and tried to jump but it was over before the engines warmed up.
Well, I am done with this stupid ■■■■! If you can not be safe in highsec anymore this isnt worth it .
Congr-ma-■■■■■■■-lations! You just lost a customer.
Take care, I´m out!

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You went to lowsec, got blown up and now complain about being shot down, in a space where everyone knows that everyone can get shot down pretty quickly, especially when they can’t take care of themselves.

You asshole.

No one ever was safe in highsec.

Good choice for everyone involved.

I complained about getting killed from an invasion in higsec, sucker. learn how to read and try to at least undrstand a little of that.

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“some assholes” begs to differ, asshole. How am I the sucker? I didn’t get blown up TWICE!

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“I was going to spend money here but then I died doing obviously dangerous things that I knew were dangerous so I’m not spending money now and leaving!”

Thanks for posting! You won the “1,000,000th person to start this same thread” award!

A bit more seriously, posting with “I reacted immediately and died instantly” just says you either weren’t paying attention, had an absolute crap fit on your Gnosis, ignored the big warning that you were in an Invasion system and it’s dangerous, and basically just ignored every post and tip ever about “How to play EVE”.

You can’t play EVE on half-asleep, assume-its-all-safe mode. Either up your game or as you said, go play a different one. Not trying to be harsh here, but simply realistic about what it takes to play EVE and how pointless it is to say “I died. I quit.”


I’m so sad to see you go op. I will miss you dearly. Can I have your stuff?

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Good riddance.

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1,000,000? Oh come on, that’s ridiculous…seems way too low…

Do you immediately quit every game you play after encountering any form of challenge, obstacle, or impediment to progress that you might have to overcome?

If you were killed by invasion content, you were basically in an active war zone, and war zones are generally not a great place to be faffing about carelessly.

If you are presently in an invasion system, that is something that the game telegraphs in numerous, very obvious ways. If you’re about to enter an invasion system, the game warns you that you’re about to do so, provided you have not previously disabled that warning.


Good bye, your stuff please.

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I’m pretty sure that this post is a parody.

Also, @Chiseanne_treVraiment:

While we can’t see what you lost to the Trigs, the ship you lost in low sec was very poorly fit. I would generally reach out and offer advice to someone if I killed a ship fit in that fashion, and I’m almost a little surprised that they apparently didn’t (or perhaps they did and you were unreceptive, that’s… common).

There is a lot of room for improvement there and just making a few changes would likely increase your survivability substantially. If you stick around, you should try to seek out the advice of older players, it will dramatically change your experience.