Remove triglavian from high sec (1.0-0.2)

Again…we are talking about noobs…

Think about it…the day YOU were a noob…how would you have felt…

You have a mission in your first ship,proud of it,you jump through a gate…need a moment to orientate yourself and BOOM are oneshotted by an npc you don’t even have seen in first place.

How would you react?

I would say 90% of all noobs today would think “nah screw this ■■■■,i leave”…

I this “good” or “bad” for the game?

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You have a very low opinion of new players


It’s called “Experience” …:slight_smile:

And if you think about it you know i’m right with it :slight_smile:

I know that you think a Ibis loss is a big deal.

But even your retriever can operate perfectly safety through an invasion system.

Not with a world arc present…or even conduicts established :slight_smile:

They log you in about 5 seconds and you are doomed…believe me i tried it :slight_smile:

And noobs WILL screw this…you know i’m right :slight_smile:

Please stop resisting change.

It is inevitable.


I’d like to heard some quotes from these actual noobs instead of people like you who seem to be doing a lot more talking on their behalf. Got any?

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Do YOU collect quotes? :slight_smile:

If so congrats on your new hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

When I want to provide sources and supporting evidence for my claims instead of pulling things out of my ass, sure. :slight_smile:

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Where are YOUR quotes that prove me wrong then? :slight_smile:

You being the one making the claims, the onus is on you to prove it.


You seem to have trouble reading. I didn’t say you were wrong. I asked if you had anything to support your claim.

Unless of course, you feel like asking for you to provide sources is claiming you are wrong. To which I have to say I’m sorry you feel that way. lol

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Also Merlin, Abitrator, Venture, Rifter and Incursus(? Dunno dont play Gal) are all free and can be replaced by doing the mission again.

Nothing of consquence will be lost.

The changes cannot be resisted. You were right.

Edited to remove Ibis. All corvettes are ofc free too.

what ?

He doesn’t know it either i guess :slight_smile:

Career agents, assuming you haven’t already done all 3 sets / faction.

This does not solve the problem that you cannot leave couster with an industrial…

There is an overlapping invasion there so this status will at least last for the weekend at best…

And i still find it…interesting that things like this can even happen…to not use stronger words…

Since when are those ships “free” ?

You only get the starter corvette for free…

Beside the ones you get during the career agents missions you have to BUY those ships to replace them once you lost them…so no “free” stuff you just have to order…

Nobody does the career agent mission over and over again just to get a replacement…

You lose two, but get about 4 or 5 during the career agents.

For the missions that you lose ships however, you can swap to a corvette for them and lose nothing.

Because it’s far more efficient to buy them. However, if you are THAT hard up for isk you can keep spamming career missions and get as many free ships as you want.

Also @Ramona_McCandless arbitrator is a cruiser. You may mean a punisher, some executioners and a coercer

Yes sorry Punisher was exactly what I meant.

I just happened to be looking at an Arbitrator when I typed that.