How to Get Dual Standings with Edencom and the Triglavians

Gotta give credit for a mature response that at least tries to address the actual criticism levied against you.

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Then warp at 100km, paint the biggest one, warp off.

Target painting an ship brings no standing. I tried it several times and got nothing.

I did have one instance where I didn’t get standing, but I assume it’s because the ship that I agro’ed didn’t die. Regardless, I can confirm that TP’ing a rat does work (as long as that rat gets killed). Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if this is contingent upon any other factors (i.e. does he have to die within 1 tick, within 2 hours, before he leaves grid, etcetera).

Aslong as the target dies a TP is enough, its how my alt got his initial standings

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This is normal. When the target dies you are part of the hunt and you get standing. The problem ist to find a target which is dying after the painting ;))

doing it again, to give 3 alts the standing.

3 cormorants, going in border pochven.

first step I get in a system, with nothing. Like, really nothing. a station, no rats besides the trig squad I do instas, wait for the timer, drop my cormorants in stations, self edstruct and go back to jita.

second step I have ppl on Dscan, tengu, astero, that I can get a glimpse of.
I find a “incipient drone swarm”, I go there, kill the three spider drones with cormorants, then 10 more spawn, kill a cormorant, several die , and the site despawn oO. I go to station, dock, wait, get a standing tick.

BUT CCP when they reset the standing, did actually move mine to -0.00x instead of 0, so I still am negative with trigs on one account … So I go on next site, kill the two spider drones, align out … and a carrier spawns

I am white with trig, fck that sht.