Pochven solo and income

I’m thinking about diving into pochven and make some isk.

Question is. Can you actually do stuff solo in Pochven with fairly cheap, low SP ships? Also, what income is there? I have no standings, apart from being neutral to both sides.

Yes and No.

The Drones site’s are not that hard so you should be able to hunt them down fairly easy and loot them. If you can not out right tank them you can just warp in kill a few warp out keep going back in till you kill them all.

The rest will likely be far to tough to take on with low SP and likely not be able to do it with something fairly cheap. You will all so need to look out for other players are you will likely get attacked at some point if you are flying solo.

Sure, but limited without standing as you are stuck to one system at a time. Take <2s align ship. Plunder wrecks and salvage and see what it is worth. Running sites not worth and/or not solo.

To sustain in Povchen you need +3 standing minimum. Reachable in one or two weeks of dedication.

With no trig standings your stuffed.

You require a minimum of +1.50 trig standings just to fly around border systems, and double that for internal.

So with no standings you’ll be stuck in the system you came into. With neutral standings will be able to dock with NPC stations, but until you have higher standings that’s all you’ll be able to do (no repair or refit) till higher standings.

As for sits yes can be done solo, but you need to watch out for Webber’s in edencom fleets, Doomsdayer in drifter fleets, and then roaming trig fleets ontop of the other npc roaming fleets.

Not to forget other players happy to help you exit T-Space in a bodybag.

Theres not much ISK to be made in Pochven right now. You can grind rat standings and make a bit of ISK from it but it gets boring fast, you only wanna grind if you need to travel Pochven for other reasons.

You can grind rogue drone sites/wormholes with a smartbombing cruiser or battleship but the other rats will need much more expensive and higher SP ships to take on. Honestly unless you plan on using Pochven for filament/wormhole travel, don’t grind past 0.01 trig (so they dont shoot you)


I’m trying exacly this actually with a 2nd Alt. Its boring like hell. I rarley saw such a bad game design. You need 3.0 standing for a good movement between the systems. At 1.0 you can use only 3 jumpgates ;( You get Trig standing killing Edencom but then you loose Edencom. Th only way to get both standings is kill Sleepers/Drifters. You have to search for these rats for a long time and when you find them you only can handle 1-2 as a solo player. So 80% of the findings cannot done without a fleet. After 3-4 days of intesive (!) gamplay I’m at one (Stratios with good drone skills). The burn-out is real

Is it worth? No? You get no money ot of Porchven and you get no fun. You get only boredom.


Fun and Povchen … I like it because it easily connects important places for me (Jita, Amarr, Black Rise), and I can get home after an evening from wherever in a few jumps.

In the first few weeks it was possible to make bank, even with full focus on standing grind I made more than 10B as side money. Today it’s much less, but consider one circle gives you ~50-100M casually just by picking up stuff (left behind or forced :wink: ).

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How do you make the money - actually I found no way

yea, like I said its amazing for travel but not so good for actual pve content inside that space

I made 1.3b in 3 days roaming the systems looting and salvaging.

Plenty of isk to be had

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I thought about getting into Pochven too but I have no standings, meaning that Trigs will aggro me on the spot. So I guess the big question is how do I get neutral with Trigs? I want to be able eventually to move around Pochven space and use the gates, stations.

Are there drone combat sites that you can scan down and PVE in there to get my standings up? If so what kind of tank do you need to survive there?

Can I filament in with a dual-repper Stratios with smart bombs, mobile depot for refit and just stay in one system until I get standings enough to move around? Is the tank requirement comparable to a T4, T5 Abyssal sites?

I just did it today.
I picked a cormorant worth 2M isk or so. plus a pochven 5 filament.

I jumped into pochven with an empty clone, made safes, started dscanning to get the rats (they appear on dscan) . I warped to a mining anom which was empty of NPC. then I found two drones chiling on a customs office. I warped at 100, they chased me, I shot one, but was too far. Then I warped off and warped back to the site at 0. The rats did not shoot me again. I killed one drone in like 1minute.

Then I noticed a matar fleet on dscan with two drifters. I went there, started shooting the drifter frigate, and received a KM as the drifter switched aggro towards me. self destructed, back in perimeter I waited a bit and got my notification of standing decreased with rogue drones, so now I am +0.1 with both trigs and edencom.

It’s annoying, it’s completely useless, but it’s doable.


If you want to roam around between the systems you need standing:

Triglavian conduit gates also have standing requirements. The requirement depends on the type of the target system.

System Standing requirement
Border 1.00
Internal 3.00
Home 7.00

After about week of an intensive grind for standing I’m at 3.5 for Trigs and -0-11 for Edencom. I started hunting Sleepers and Drones to avaoid a negative Edencom standing. This will take forever. The I hunted also Edencom until I reached 3.0 and could roam more or less freely. Now I’m reducing my negative Edencom standing.

I’m solo. With some friend in a fleet you could handle better targets with better standing ticks.

Thanks for info. Is it worth to do? I don’t mind grinding standings and stuff. But I don’t want to feel like I wasted my time and isk doing so

It’s a video game. You ARE wasting your time.

The question is, are you enjoying it ? farming/ratting often is not enjoyable.

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Me saying that I don’t have anything against grinding standings. Should be self explanatory that I enjoy this type of content. But no matter how fun content can be. If it’s generating less isk than I’m spending on it. It’s not something I want engage with. That’s why I try to get at least some idea about isk making possibilities in Pochven

Just because you see having fun in game as wasting time. Doesn’t mean other people think same way. Don’t push, your personal opinions on others.

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What exactly makes you think so ? I wrote, “video game IS wasting time”, not “having fun IS wasting time”.

When I have fund drinking, I am wasting myself :slight_smile:

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After around 3 months im still waiting for them to add meaningful content to pochven, currently its the same bs, some anoms and mining sites. Can u make isk ye sure but thats probably from looting other peoples wrecks and thats not gonna be quick isk; anyone stating they made 10bil in the last week there is either lying or literally is online 24/7 making use of certain peoples ‘no shoot at mtu’s’ rule.

You will NOT make isk in Pochven easily or quickly, as far as i can tell there are no agents, ded, relic or data sites; and certainly nothing new other than some different rats. The anoms and wh exits are the same day in day out… like i said, still waiting for them to flesh it out.


Well it’s a sandbox, players make the content.

People wanted a PVP area, they got it. You have minerals, you have factories, you have exits for fast production, you can definitely make a living there.

What else did you expect ?
(I agree that agents would be good but since ded LP has HUGE value not sure how CCP should do it. Also it would make the standing grind a breeze so … bad idea for those who grinded it)


1.0 for border
3.0 for internal
7.0 for home

you only really need the ability to dock to live in Pochven, a mobile depot solves the refitting issue for the most part and given that the WH spawn locations are mapped entirely (http://edencom.space/pochven_systems.php) you can always find your way back in to the system you want to enter

Shoot Drifters, Sleepers and Rogue Drones inside Pochven, http://edencom.space/pochven.php has some very basic information and it will be expanded over time to include some fits

If you’re doing combat sites maybe? but those aren’t going to give you the best standings ticks, you’ll need to kill battleships for those and you’re not likely to do that in a smartbomb stratios, especially not if you land on a grid with drifters, rogue drones and trigs all shooting at each other