How to make trillions in Pochven

Do the Flashpoint sites in Pochven. They pay up 236M per person in ISK if 15 people in fleet, there is also reward for completion in loot. There are always 3 such sites in Pochven at any time, and if you complete one, another spawns.

Or come tax the locals. Essentially robbing them of payouts and extracting enormous amount of salt.


Come and get that chunk of pie before CCP nerfs it.

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Pre-req, you can travel in Pochven including home systems, you get past the angry site runners, and don’t care about EC standing. I think CCP will rather switch payout to top damage fleet like with other group content in EvE, should be an easy switch.

#CCPRattatiBalance at work. 0 risk for dank ISK


There should be Anoikis systems with static Pochven holes?

Where do we sign up :thinking:

Thera should get more/any? Povchen holes!

I thought Pochven was just a rumor.

Looks like it was just a joke. A very long joke.

Other trig related content doesn’t use that mechanic, so i wouldn’t expect this to change

Doesn’t matter how much money can be made in Pochven. It is a filthy animal.

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They will let it stand I think.

The area needs something besides an optional visit to get standing for high sec triangle visits for those who care.

In more used forums this still gets them bad press. As r eve gets more than a few “hi, I am back…wtf happened to niarja and why is my crap in this craphole” threads. CCP posts on R eve more beyond (post removed for blah blah blah) so they do get a player pulse…somewhere. Maybe…

This ccp and apologists can say well…now you can make some money, so…go make isk.

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