Pochven the only show in town?

Given a the null blocks are putting a lot of effort in to controlling poch ie goons frt and ph. Is it starting to feel like the rest of null is dead?
I mean whats the point of SOV in null if poch is all you need to control for the isk printer to roll.
Null income has been so crap now that poch is a thing.
I like the income and the risk but why have we not got areas in null similar ? Even the same in lowsec.
My 1 ishtar prints isk quicker than i could multibox caps in crab sites.
1 site pays the price of the ishtar
God knows how many sites it would take to pay a cap back

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I think it is more the fact is is a bit of an arena-style throw for the big alliances. just fun.

CCP should just normalize all combat PvE activities to cap out at like 150 million per hour despite the site type and ship used.

Now that woulb be boring. Certain areas need to be better in some way but income in poch is mega comared to anything else. Even c5 stuff is not quite as good.
Multi box 4 ishtars and your 900mil a site and a stite takes 10 mins


Good question, right? What’s the point of an open world, no rules apply area of space that is supposed to be the pinnacle of space activity after the developer introduced a risk-free, easy mode farm land where you cannot be dropped by cynos and where engagements are easy to predict instead of dependent on open factors. Who knew that this would be exploited by null blocks…

Yup null right now is in such a ■■■■ place.

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Pocch is what Null should have always been. Get some reason to war and bam you have a winner.

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Funny thing is that people don’t go to war in Pooch. They split it up among themselves because they can farm it equally and with much more profits than if they went to war for full control.

You know what would actually promote conflict and war in Pooch? If the sites that give the most rewards were focused on the clades that have the most destruction. Like this you would actually encourage conflict and not just meaningless running around to chase the infinitely respawning sites. If your clade is not fighting hard enough for glorification, it should not get any of the good rewards. Kill more people in your clade’s space and you can get more rewards. That way you could not split Pooch up like it’s being done since its inception, and all the hostile parties would be forced much closer together. To prevent the indefinite presence of the big reward sites in one clade, they would randomly distribute again after a certain amount of time when max glorification is reached.

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Just introduce the cancer of Sov and voila instant war

Well at some point the player stations will be blown up at some time in the future. So something will have to change i suppose.

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