Pve in Pochven

What are the PVE activities in Pochven and what ships can clear them as solo players
I assume Pochven does not have the generic mission givers for L1 to L4?
There is little info on these Pochven activities that I find online

No missions in Pochven, just sites. Have a look here for content: Pochven - EVE University Wiki

What people actually do in Pochven for ISK from low effort to high investment:

  • salvaging / looting NPCs, and player wrecks in cheap T1 frigs/dessies
  • Mining Bezdnazine / Merxocit / Spod in Ventures, Prospects, Endurances
  • PvP including gate camping, killing and looting everything that moves
  • Flashpoints as the pinnacle of ISK generation in all of new Eden, similar to Incursions, requires 10-15 chars/players for max payout (~300M per char per site per 15min) in Ishtars, Paladins, Golems, whatever works for the site and to crush other competing groups/multi-boxers

The other sites are regularly not worth the risk/time, and are also fleet content payout scheme (i.e. a single player need to multi-box in order to get the best payout).

The only regular scan site is a data site where you have to salvage a drone hive for ~10-15M worth of guaranteed loot, can be done easily in 5min with a fast T1 scan frig, with some combat capabilities, and having a salvager fitted.

The flashpoint sites are monopolized by the big nullsec groups and a handful of multi-boxers, which run them in highly optimized setups, best bet to get into would be to be part of Horde, FRT or Goons/Init.