Returning Player - Pod in Trig space

Issue is they sent out mails about it and there were news messages posted, at which point do they draw the line, if people chose to ignore both of those then personally speaking i would say there isn’t much that can be done

Maybe help them embrace the new content. What is so bad about ships and implants being in null let alone Pochven?

I have lived in NPC null most of my EVE career and also was interested in Pochven so I actually took an effort to move stuff in there. I see quite a few people active in there using it for PVP, PVE, travel, etc.

So there are plenty of options rather than giving up. The people at the top of your organization should be helping members, not giving them a defeatist attitude. Figure out a way to sell the items to Pochven residents? Contract Pochven residents to haul stuff out? Jump in the ships and filament them out in various ways either to go on a roam or just to move them.

Oh no some people lost some implant pods. People lose pods every day. Somehow they get over it. But really they didn’t lose them they are just trapped. Think of it like a sov station of old where your stuff and pod would be trapped if you lost sov. Highsec lost some sov. Just like then some people are going to be creative and do something and others are going to whine. They had plenty of warning. CCP can’t do every change in fear that some potentially abandoned non paying non active account sometime way in the future may come back and not like the change.

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RvB is unique concept and tradition in New Eden … 12 years history 70.000 players… We killed mosts ships in eve history … Most old vets has RvB alts… ITs is an old community and our unique content and the way we are enjoying it also ties us together…
We dont give any ■■■■ to profit oriented corporations… We dont fight for money… It is totally organic player created content which ruined by CCPs theme park .and we are building up again from zero… and all these pilots coming back because they know what we are about ! . We love creative way of PVP and we dont lika lame memorised boring meta and F1 monkeyship…

and this is what you are sugesting these PVP pilots ???

Obviously not. You love the bubble you created for yourself. Getting creative would mean engaging the challenge.

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well tell me what is more challenging then beating yourself and being condemned to constanlty renew your fits enhance your tactics and never be adamant in fights … you are fighting against pilots eventually knows your wekanesses and strengths and you have to constant change and adapt… there for some of the best theory crafters in New Eden grow into PVP in RVB as well as many famous FCs and pvp vets…

you dont know even about us … We are all round pilots capable of all gound PVP… not only low or null meta… We dont cherry pick fights only be sure %100 win… we take risk… we engage all over new eden …

can you tell me why do you love so much that CCP give you direction and show you see we made place for you go live there… and just open arms running to it without even question int?

Then great! You must have had a brain glitch when you said your awesome fighting force was quitting over some assets being in a new type of space. You have nothing to worry about. With your superior tactics you should roflstomp Pochven and rescue your stuff.

you are very intelligent and im pretty sure you can also tell us and help us… considering each average RVB veteran incl me has aprx 3000 fitted and rigged ships battleship and down ready in stations ready to engage all different scenrarios and compsotitions and billions of mods ready to adjust fits and ships …

and every second day new pilots comes in …

do you sugest us to drop our content and run caravans day and night for months and years ??? and do nothing else than that?

So now it’s a conspiracy. In a game no less! I guess I am just a tool of the Illuminati.

drop this ridiculous attitude … we have right to thrive in this game as player made content… stop being advocating CCP and hand clapping… We know how to adapt and change … else we wouldnt survive over a decade… you might be happy to grab what CCP drop to your mouth ! We are pretty much free minded people not servants we created this concept .NOt CCP … and you are AU s away from the grab the idea

Lol, you are talking to yourself :wink: You always talk about risk, PvP, and your great past, but it seems your are in reality not able to adapt to challenges. EvE is not only space bushido in highsec.

Instead of whining on the forum, you can put your energy on plotting plans to use the situation to your advantage or how to get your stuff out.


and you are always ready to clapping CCP with your arse … i dont know why… and mostly trolling …
changing doesn’t mean always you sell your soul… man should has some character… some spine “” i do respect people who has tiny bit spine…
try that…
wont kill you … im not kinda someone swaollow whatever push down to my throat …

Arse clapping on the other hand … always easy way out

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Sure you are, but you still need to work for it, every patch brings changes and players have to adapt, if a player was caught out by the Pochven changes then thats down to you to help them navigate the changes, getting things out isn’t that complicated and you aren’t required to get ships out of there, you can move in to Pochven and make use of those assets to expand from within the region, just means adapting to the new way of life

No, I’m not clapping anyone’s backside, I developed an opportunistic mind with things I’m not able to change … then find the chances and exploit it. In the last 7 years CCP and time took away a lot of my play styles, but eventually I found something new profitable or fun.

Well … why a return player wants to take this ??? they won’t… and they are not interested in proven… None Of rvb vets have interest in proven … We do PVP…

Even CCP respect our content… and RVB s mutual war is in legacy code… And we are the ones stand up for that content …

i would tell you one thing… dont be the one who eats everything thron in front of it on the street !

We have already hit and mooved to another location and build everything from scratch and even CCP is aware about the damage they have done… just was bit latee when they did it …

Ypu dont have to respect me… but you have to respect different play styles in this game! and RVB is not just a corporations but its Play style in this game …

And the play style is still there. Like you said, you moved locations and are still able to continue your play style. Your play style was not removed. Only a few systems from Highsec out of over a thousand available to continue doing what you always were doing without any adaptation whatsoever.

You do realise PvP happens in Pochven right? or are you under the impression there are no players there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell there is an entire group of people in there for you to shoot at should yo want to, just takes effort to set up and a little grinding to gain full access to the region, if you’re not willing to do that then by all means don’t stay in the region, doens’t really change that you’re going to have to help players to leave the region if you value them, its not down to CCP to move them

The game changes and people have to adapt to that change, if you value the stuff stored in the systems you’ll extract it, if you don’t then just leave it or sell it to the locals

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Exactly! Not only is there PVP in Pochven, but you can use it as a travel hub to all kinds of places for PVP opportunities.

Indeed, especially if you’re using it for things like BLOPs, once you have full gate access to the region you have a significant area of force projection when it comes to bridges as you can easily bridge out of the region

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Man ! which party your circuits cant handle with ?? There is red side and Blue side … Red home was otela …

We are truly living proof of how CCP ■■■■■■ up with player retention ! blue pilots easy come back… reds not … they come back login we provide ships free… but they are angry and they want their stuff. and its huuge amount !

REASON… im talking here is not oooh we cant play this game blhaa blahh ! we changed and adapt !
SO many players come back to EVe from last login 6-7 years ago! last couple of weeks ! Reason they comé back was RVB ! they all first poked RVB when they see action they excited… then when they see their everything is swimming dead they left

but retenstion ■■■■■■ up by CCP and we are clear living proof of that ! go and bark on players who comminted to play game and subscribe… even one of them mistakely subscribed without understand the case first day … and he got even more angry ! look read the mails… yhea you have to read the mails you havnet played for years… do you know what … this is even against some countries laws in gaming area … FYI … read bit

get on with it …this is the main subject here !

STOP act like a FANBOY… thats precisely most of you are doing …
Even now … RVB create more content than whole ■■■■■■■ pochven ! digest it

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