How do I deal with Trigs?

Open Planet View? Nope–create a tab in your Overview so you can see POCOs. Warp to 0, hit the little loot box, already have your hold open in another window, and transfer. Write down your PI run on a piece of paper to minimize your time in system.

Others have given the right advice here. I run 5 planets–4 P1 extractors each w 2 pads and a 4 pad P2>P3 production planet. I spend max 10 seconds at each POCO, although the prod planet can be a bit longer.

Hi-sec PI is wonderful to learn the ropes, but soon that 10-16 pct tax will just piss you off. My alt’s WH corp has pretty bad planets for PI, but the 0% POCO tax eases the pain quite a bit.

Are you using an epithal? If not, you’re leaving a lot on the table. I fit mine with a cloak, fast align, and 1 or 2 warp stabs. Saved my butt in my NS PI system more than once. If I hit that system and there are people in local, I warp to a safe, cloak up, and wait for them to get bored and leave, or just drive them nuts by running around. One guy figured it out and waited for me at my production planet and hit me with a warp disrupter. With 2 stabs in lows, no problemo–bye bye. ANother time him and his buddy put up mobile disrupter bubbles at my exit gate…I ran right into them. Hit the cloak, and (very slowly) got away.

If you’re getting hit by NPCs in HS, you are definitely making mistakes that are easily corrected.

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I’m fairly new to Eve, I keep getting invites to join various corps etc, most of them say that most players will leave the game because they have not joined a corp. I beg to differ. I have lost count of how many Ventures I have lost to Trigs, whilst mining in hisec. It’s all very well you guys saying you need this ship and that ship and if you suffer a loss from a trig then you are doing it wrong. There is no way anybody just starting out can do it right when there is this threat of losing what you have gained over the last few hours or days, and starting over.
I am pretty sure I am doing it right, I have a couple of hob drones and they manage to take care of the two or three pirates I come across, but when a couple or three red triangles appear on my overview and I have hit the warp to where ever I always end up back in my capsule.
Basically its getting a bit stupid now and I am getting ready to quit. As far as I can see it’s not about joining a corp, it’s all about having a few hundred hours practice and loads of ISK and being Omega.

If you want to mine in your Venture without having to deal with the Trigs, stay in one of the starter systems. Even mining Veldspar is profitable right now with the shortages during the resource rebalancing. Once you get up to a mining barge (if you want to be a miner) then use a Procurer and then you can go out and try different systems. The Proc will have a much better survivability.

You can also make some income with a combat ship doing the combat anomalies (ie ratting) in high sec. You don’t have to rely on mining

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While the rest is good advice, I have to disagree with this part. POCO’s are big! You can bounce off them and they can block your warp. I still recommend making bookmarks just under 1k away. That gets you in transfer range with room to move.

Even brick tanked procurer will be killed by roaming trigs. Only brick tanked skiff can stay in belt long enough to kill trigs with your drones before they kill you. Because sometimes you will have to recall drones every 5- 10 seconds. And that will harm DPS.

If you have your drones already out when the Trigs warp in, and you leave them out, then yes the Trigs will pop them in seconds. The trick is to recall your drones the instant you see the Trigs warp in, wait for them to attack you first, THEN release your drones. I do this every time and I don’t lose a single drone. While a tanked Procurer probably can’t kill off a squad of 4 Trigs, you can at least kill one or two of them, warp out, then come back and kill the other two.

There are groups of three trigs that pop in and out of belts and near stations. There are also groups of five trigs that while not as common are a very real threat because they do all the same popping around as the groups of three.

Yep and I encounter and kill them every single day in a Skiff, even the groups of 5.

You are absolutely correct. The BEST I’ve managed in any other type of ship is to escape. I’ve successfully fought the groups of three and the groups of five with my Orca and Skiff a number of times. I won’t go into all the other embarrassments they’ve caused me.

I hope it’s a really fast warp. If a group of three trigs drops 20km from you in an Epithal, you are a goner within seconds. I’m not exaggerating.

No, it was a group of five that pops through the belts. They landed less than 20km from him. I was in voice comms at the time. He immediately attempted to escape because he knew his rail guns could never hit them up close.

The less common groups of five do web and jam.

The reason they say to join a corporation is that when you join long-time players will usually put you in better ships out of charity or pity or just being nice.

I’ve met and fought several groups of five, but was never pointed. This would be odd, we had many more losses in highsec if that would have been implemented.

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