How to allie with Trigs?

Sick and tired of these battleships and gilas warping into my level 2 site and sniping my content.

Remove all your offensive weapons. Warp to a trig recon group. Approach slowly. If they kill you try again slower. It may take a few tries before they come around.


any idea what this will do to my current standings with other NPC’s or how i will have to go about living in eden ? Not that i wont mind . just need an idea to prepare.

You will have to run away. The empires hate the trigs.

Atm there is no current standing options with the Trig faction or the three Trig corps

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Standings no , but the trig leadership has asked that capsuleers join their cause .

Ah c’mon I want to hear how this all works out.

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Imjust trying to research first . how does ccp expect people to try this new dynamic with all this vagueness, i cannot even confirm the method you supplied . and wont even try unless i can confirm it . where did you hear this method ?

wait … their are standings but seeningly no way to improve .and oddly. trigs standings toward me is 1.2.

They expect people to try it and see for themselves.

Oh, I see there may be a problem with this method… :expressionless: lol


thats just it , i cannot find a single "official " source. that says going up to them slowly unarmed is the trick . thats what i meant . I guess i could try to come up to them " What my trigles !!! Dont shoot !!! , just thought I would let you know Im going full Annakin Sky walker and flippin. Do i get a free ship out of the deal ? ". if any body knows for certain where that info please point me in the right direction.

You can take a 10 trillion isk Ibis and take the gun of?

yup and i can render myself immune to attacks in low and null if i put plex in my cargo hold.

There is a single site where you can side with Trigs against Empires. That is Stellar Flashpoint anomaly or smthn like it in Invasion Foothold systems.

You wont gain standing, they wont become friendly. They’ll still shoot you in every other site.


alright then… forget the trigs. taking them off my Christmas card list .

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People are just trolling you

To be fair I wasn’t sure if the OP was trolling us to begin with. It wasn’t until I looked to see how new he was that I realized maybe he was serious.

To the OP yes the trigs hate all capsuleers and we can’t get on their good side


yup… I find that strange though… weird really. “fight for us so we can continue to hate and kill you .” perhaps more appropriate mechanics are in the works in future updates .
in essence this really just allows players to gank battleships or anybody fighting the fight in hi sec without concord interference… not saying its a good or bad thing… it just doesn’t interface well with the current story line, and i can imagine there are significant consequences within the empires if one does. with no return except loot and salvage, and killmails.

On a final note I do See how this addresses “low Risk PvE” that team talos is working on. I think it’s team talos…LOL. but anyhow it does seem everybody and their mother is in a battleship these days.

Curious how you came to this conclusion?